What's Coyote Linux ?

Coyote Linux is a single floppy distribution of Linux that turns any old 486 into a powerful router/firewall. Coyote was developed by Vortech Consulting to provide Internet connection sharing, security, and performance tuning. You can find more information at the Coyote site.

Who am I?

My name is Claudio Roberto Cussuol, a Brazilian programer who doesn't have too much experience with Linux, doesn't speak English fluently, and is even worse as a web designer. But, I believe Coyote Linux can be improved and its developers are already too busy making it work well. So my intention is to help anyone who wants a few resources that are not present in Coyote.

How can you talk to me?

If you have a question, please don't send-me an e-mail. Instead use the Coyote forum. I'll be there, and there are many other good people who will help you. Also, someone else might have the same question and will be able to read it there.

Where else can you get help?

Coyote forum
Coyote 1.x Add-ons.
Router Design Project

What would you like to try?

I want to install Coyote Linux 2.x to load from a hard drive.

I want to run IPTraf (traffic monitoring) on Coyote Linux 2.x.

I'm missing mnc, wget or some other resources that were available in Coyote 1.x.

I use a dynamic domain name resolution system like dyndns, no-ip, etc. and want Coyote to update my IP address.

I don't have a Linux machine to use the Linux Floppy Creator, but I want to use a 1680K floppy. Is it possible to create one with MS Windows?

I need to transfer some files into/out of my CL box and it's not physically near the other system. What about an ftp client?

I need to rebuild my root.tgz package to change and/or add some file.

I want to make a full backup of my Coyote disk and send it to a FTP server

I want to use a SSH tunnel to make Telnet or VNC connections to internal computers of my LAN, but i dont want to open any insecure port on my Coyote firewall

I'm missing the chat file from Coyote 1.x

I'm missing cron resource from Coyote 1.x

I'd like to have a LCD display at my router and i need the driver

I Want to use my Coyote Linux 2.x as a small Web Server (by Todd VerBeek)

Wish List -Things I'd like Coyote have

Badwidth Management
DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone)
DHCP reserves
Webadmin firewall rules improvements
Save Logs
Proxy HTTP Cache

Add yours...

Important Note

I didn't write any of this software. I've only collected, compiled, and packaged it. Everything found in this site is based on someone else's work. I believe it is all free/open-source software, and I will always try to credit the creators. If you notice any stuff that belongs to you and you want it removed, please forgive me and send me an e-mail, and I will remove it immediately.

English edited for grammar and clarity by Todd VerBeek