R-Zero Manifesto

It took a deadly virus we can’t even see
to open our eyes.

We have a vision, which from this moment in humanity’s history might seem lofty, but that is the point of visions: to be ambitious.

While the majority of the world is forced to live day by day, we are taking the long view and asking how all people—even without a PhD or medical training—can fight a microscopic war. And not just win a battle, but to actually rebuild so that in the future, no one has to know a dark, new normal. We’re looking to build a hopeful future—one even better than what we knew before the word “COVID” invaded our bodies, headlines and economies. 

We see a world where no one has to stay six feet apart. Where circles aren’t drawn in parks. Where screens aren’t an ever-present barrier between coworkers and loved ones. Where no one has to say I love you or goodbye through a window.

In the world we see, there are tourists exploring new lands, graduates tossing caps together, music vibrating from packed venues, laughter pouring out of restaurants, and the quiet resolve of a funeral procession headed to a place where people can mourn together.

In the world we see, no one has to choose between their paycheck and their health. People who make an hourly wage—no matter the industry—feel respected, cared for and protected. Small businesses hum along as the backbone of a strong economy, and every business can afford to pay for employee health insurance. 

We see a time when schools are no longer petri dishes, trains, buses and airplanes are no longer metal tubes ripe for infection, and flu season is a thing of the past. Attendance is up, sick days are down, and the anxiety of making our friends and families sick vanishes.

We see a time when all links in all supply chains are strong, when old systems are reformed, when what we’ve learned during this time of pause and reassessment starts to flourish.  

We’re R-Zero. The world’s first company dedicated to making the spaces we all live, learn, work, and play safer and clinically clean.

Our eyes are open. Do you see it, too?

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