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Continuous disinfection ecosystem for shared indoor spaces

Buildings of the future are smart and healthy

R-Zero’s intelligent biosafety platform continuously collects data about how a space is being used, and uses that data to quantify risk with advanced risk modeling. Then a network of connected devices automatically works to mitigate risk in the air or on surfaces. Real-time data streaming provides advanced analytics and actionable insights based on how your space is actually being used. R-Zero Connect software provides a holistic view of R-Zero device disinfection activity in your buildings from anywhere in the world.

Cutting-edge technology meets hospital-grade efficacy

Leveraging proven CDC and WHO recommended disinfection technologies, R-Zero’s platform combines best-in-class efficacy with data science, sensor technology and modern software. R-Zero’s intelligent disinfection ecosystem provides an unprecedented level of risk management for shared indoor environments.


Healthy buildings technology to benefit your bottom line

Airborne risks
- 2,500 sq. ft.
- 45 avg. daily occupants
6 High-risk areas
- Shared workspaces
- Mixed surface types
Risk reduction opportunity
2 UVGI Beam wall mounts
Risk reduction opportunity
4 Vive ceiling mounts
Risk reduction opportunity
1 Arc portable device
Risk reduction opportunities
4 Vive, 1 Arc, 2 Beam devices
3.8x risk
12.9x risk
7.9x risk reduction

Complete, science-based solutions. Custom designed for your organization.

Step 1: Assess risk

Step 1: Assess risk

We collect data about the physical characteristics and utilization of your space, then identify risk.
Step 2: Design & customize

Step 2: Design & customize

We design a customized solution ecosystem specific to your spaces.
Step 3: Implement & install

Step 3: Implement & install

Our "white glove" installation, implementation, and validation combined with operator training allow your system to work automatically to sense, quantify, and address risk in your environment.
Step 4: Monitor & support

Step 4: Monitor & support

Once setup, R-Zero’s ecosystem runs continuously and autonomously. At any time, you can monitor the effectiveness of your system within your unique space.

Tailored solutions to meet your unique building, budget, and safety needs

R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem helps combat surface-borne and airborne microorganism risk. Our approach combines superior UV-C disinfection technology with automated data compilation, machine learning, and auditable tracking. Each system is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your space.



Smart, whole-room UV-C disinfection with hospital-grade efficacy to help reset risk



Autonomous, upper room UVGI device made for occupied spaces; inactivates airborne microorganisms every 5 minutes



The safest far UV air & surface disinfection device made for occupied spaces; continuously inactivates microorganisms in seconds

Trusted by top organizations across every industry

Senior Care
Corporate Offices
Travel & Hospitality

The R-Zero Arc was the answer to our classrooms functioning as normally as possible under the reality of this airborne virus. This machine will continue to benefit our entire school system even after the threat of the pandemic is over... R-Zero Arc has increased the community's confidence and peace of mind knowing that the highest standard of disinfection is being implemented in their schools.

– Gary Tipsord, School Superintendent


We love the [R-Zero] product. It's a great second step and an added layer in our disinfection process.

– IP Manager - State Hospital

Trilogy Health Services is pioneering a new standard of cleanliness for the senior care industry. The partnership with R-Zero is instrumental to our commitment to safety for both residents and employees. Anyone walking through our doors can feel confident we are going above and beyond to keep them and their loved ones healthy by utilizing this cutting-edge technology. We are proud to offer this level of excellence in safety throughout our campuses.

– Leigh Ann Barney, Trilogy Health Services President and CEO

Trilogy Health Services

R-Zero's UV-C disinfection device is an integral part of health and safey protocols across CANOPY's dynamic co-working communities. R-Zero Arc is used throughout all offices, conference rooms, and common spaces daily, creating not only a truly safer workplace, but also restoring confidence for the professionals and creatives who can safely return to the office every day.

– Simran Mangat, Community and Events Director, CANOPY


I see this as being a game changer for Alisal...Increasing the confidence for our existing guests as well as being able to attract new guests.

– Kathleen Cochran, GM at The Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

Power healthier indoor spaces with R-Zero