R-Zero Arc in cafe

A new standard for disinfection.

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We are R-Zero.
The world’s first company dedicated to making the spaces we all work, rest, learn and play safer.

Our suite of hospital-grade technologies and protocols is designed to fit seamlessly into businesses of all shapes and sizes.

UV-C Closeup

New tools. New technologies

A new standard of infection prevention.

R-Zero Arc in a lobby

R-Zero Arc

Powerful UV-C disinfection destroys over 99.99% of pathogens, while minimizing day-to-day disruption.

R-Zero UV-C Devicey

The proven power of UV-C.

A clinically proven and tested technology, UV-C is used for disinfecting air, water and surfaces.

R-Zero UV-C Device in a lobby R-Zero UV-C Device in a lobby

For over a century, UV-C has been used to kill bacteria, viruses, molds and a whole host of human pathogens. As early as 1903, UV-C was used to treat lupus.  Today, this very same technology is being used to decontaminate N95 masks. And, for you, it’s a trusted solution designed to leave your space clinically clean.

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