The New Standard: R-Zero

  • A Brief Lesson on R0

    Unless you’re an expert in public health, science, epidemiology or related field, chances are you hadn’t seen the term R0, until you started reading about the novel coronavirus pandemic.  Pronounced “R-naught” or “R-zero,” R0 is an epidemiology term referred to as the basic reproduction number. As infection is transmitted to new people, it reproduces itself. […]

  • Evaluating the Efficacy of UV-C

    3rd Party Lab Testing Proves Arc Destroys >99.99% of Coronavirus A wealth of scientific and medical studies exist proving the efficacy of UV-C in disinfecting surfaces, water and air against a whole host of human pathogens. In fact, to date, there are no known UV-resistant microorganisms (viruses and bacteria) on the planet. However, while the […]

  • Meet Arc

    Hospital-grade UV-C, designed for all. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought critical environmental health and safety concerns to the forefront of daily life. As organizations across the country face new challenges associated with how to re-open (and stay open) safely, R-Zero is putting the best infection prevention tools and technologies within reach of every business and […]

  • R-Zero Manifesto

    It took a deadly virus we can’t even see to open our eyes. We have a vision, which from this moment in humanity’s history might seem lofty, but that is the point of visions: to be ambitious. While the majority of the world is forced to live day by day, we are taking the long […]