Portable, on-demand, whole-room UVC disinfection

The industry's most powerful UVC tower for spaces requiring thorough, clinical-grade disinfection.

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Portable, powerful UVC disinfection

Robust, chemical-free disinfection when and where you need it most.

Powered by cutting-edge UVC technology, Arc neutralizes 99.99% of harmful microorganisms in minutes. A portable solution, Arc delivers maximum protection to areas as large as 1,000 square feet without human presence.

Instant disinfection

Quickly neutralizes harmful bacteria, mold spores, and odors to reset unoccupied room microbial exposure to almost zero risk.

On-the-go confidence

Arc is portable and has a disinfection range of 1,000 square feet—perfect for larger high-touch environments such as hospital and hotel rooms, gyms, locker rooms, and classrooms.

Built-in safety

Multiple person-in-room sensors shut off the device as soon as people are detected for maximum people-first safety.

4.5 million disinfection minutes accross 10,000 spaces–and counting

Completed Cycles

Disinfection Minutes

Superior efficacy makes everyday spaces safer, more sustainable.

With shorter cycles and higher efficiency, Arc is engineered to deliver market-leading performance and sustainability to safely eliminate common microoganisms such as Human Coronavirus, E.Coli, MRSA, and more.

Chemical free,
climate friendly.

Arc significantly reduces your disinfection carbon footprint compared to electrostatic spraying & chemical-based solutions.

Surface disinfection

Carbon footprint

KG CO2 Equivalent* / 1,000 SQFT

R-Zero’s GHG footprint is on average 92% lower than the GHG footprint of competitors.


Arc’s CO2e emissions over the course of 10 years are equivalent to driving 11 miles in a passenger vehicle, or 1.1 miles per year.

Disinfection in action

A look at some of the ways our customers use UVC disinfection in their unique high-risk spaces

high density room disinfection

High Density

Classrooms / Cubicles / Training Rooms / Venues

In highly shared spaces always on solutions allow people to carry on with comfort and ease - while still being in safe, fast paced, highly populated large indoor environments.

high turnover rooms disinfection

High Turnover

Conference / Break / Visitor / Rec / Lunch Rooms

High turn over in these rooms increases risk and also serves as our most precious moments of interaction, connection and innovation. Protect what makes us connected.

high touch area room disinfection

High Touch

Offices / Restrooms / Personal Meeting Rooms

Small indoor spaces and areas with quick turnover and/or higher touch activities are more likely to have high microbe counts, protecting air and surface continually is the key to safety.

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