Your School Is Now Protected by R-Zero

A layered cleaning approach for a cleaner learning environment.

The last few years have been anything but easy for parents and teachers across the country.

Your school now has R-Zero Beam, best in class UVC disinfection technology it is proven safe, and effective to disinfect indoor spaces and deliver better air quality for students, staff, and visitors. Breathing easier and cleaner is important to us all.


Here’s more about the science behind UV-C and how it aids in better air quality.


Is UVC Safe? How Does It Work?

UVC is ultraviolet light that destroys certain microorganisms in air and on surfaces. UVC has been used to disinfect indoor areas in hospitals, including operating rooms, for decades, and is now used in schools across the country. UVC light is added to regular school cleaning procedures as another layer of protection for students and staff.

Some wavelengths of UVC are safe for human exposure and some are not. Beam is safe for human exposure and installed in rooms permanently for use when the rooms are occupied.

Why Use UV-C In Schools?

Students, teachers, and staff should be able to learn and interact in safe indoor environments with good air quality. UV-C light disinfection helps create a higher standard of air quality indoors to support health and learning.

Safe, effective disinfection of indoor areas

Better indoor air quality for students and teachers

Fewer chemicals used in the cleaning process

Proven, hospital-grade disinfection technology

Protecting occupied spaces with UV-C

Beam is the best upper room UVGI (UR-UVGI) device on the market in terms of efficacy, design, and safety. Upper-room
UVGI is a CDC-recommended air disinfection method that improves indoor air quality to create safer, healthier spaces
using peak germicidal efficacy for air disinfection.

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*Threshold Limit Values are established for each wavelength of UV light by The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety), and the World Health Organization (WHO), all of which are in alignment on TLV values. The FDA recognizes these agencies and their recommended thresholds for UV-C.

R-Zero is a company working to help make
indoor spaces safer for everyone.