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Real change begins with prioritizing safer, healthier indoor spaces for every member of the team. We are proud to partner with some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment (and virtually every industry), to support bringing the whole team back together — for the work that matters most.


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In real-time, R-Zero’s patented technology uses passive mechanisms to disinfect the indoor air you breathe. In small spaces, the air we breathe has recently been in the lungs of at least two people nearby. Who wants that? R-Zero disinfects the air where it matters most to protect what matters most.

We are proud to partner with ESPN in setting a new standard for safer, healthier work environments. R-Zero's platform combines proven science with modern technology to deliver the most intelligent and effective protection in existence - ESPN employees can breathe easy knowing they're protected by R-Zero.”

- Grant Morgan, Co-Founder, R-Zero


Frequently Asked Questions

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How effective is R-Zero Vive?

R-Zero Vive inactivates 99.9% of many microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

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Is R-Zero Vive safe to run while the room is occupied?

Yes! R-Zero Vive uses a wavelength of 222nm which does not penetrate the outer layers of the eyes or skin so it’s safe to use in occupied and unoccupied rooms.

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Does R-Zero Vive produce any harmful byproducts?

No! R-Zero Vive meets the UL 864 standard for ozone regulation and is designed to not produce any harmful levels of ozone or other VOCs.

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How is R-Zero Vive installed?

R-Zero Vive is easily installed into existing 100-240 VAC lighting circuits.

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How long can I be exposed to R-Zero Vive?

The R-Zero Vive emits Far UV light which doesn’t penetrate the outer layers or skin or eyes, so prolonged exposure is safe for humans. The ACGIH has proposed a threshold limit value (TLV) for humans of 500mj/cm2 over an 8 hour day, and the R-Zero Vive irradiates less than 10% of that, well below the proposed TLV.

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Inactivates Microorganisms

Continuously inactivates microorganisms in seconds


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Reducing HVAC operating costs with lower air turnover rates


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Effective UV-C disinfection to combat harmful pathogens


LED Ultraviolet
Autonomous air & surface disinfection for occupied spaces

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