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R-Zero for Healthcare


R-Zero’s best-in-class UV-C disinfection system helps sustainably reduce infection risk in many critical rooms across healthcare facilities: patient rooms, operating rooms, waiting rooms, labs, clinics, and more.

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Best-in-Class Disinfection for the Healthcare Environment

Proven to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in minutes, R-Zero’s UV-C disinfection device, Arc, is an ideal solution for healthcare professionals to keep patients free of infection while under their care.


Arc outputs up to 109% more germ-killing UV-C light than other hospital-grade competitors, at a fraction of the cost.


Arc’s powerful UV allows for shorter disinfection cycles, reducing downtime and allowing you to have best-in-class disinfection in more places.


UV-C is an eco-friendly disinfection solution that helps reduce your patients’ exposure to harmful chemicals.

Ease of Use

Excellent disinfection should be simple. All of our products are beautifully designed to be intuitive and easy for anyone to implement.

Gain visibility into your disinfection process

Our products are equipped with R-Zero Connect, an IoT platform that is specifically mapped to your locations. Rather than relying on manual checklists to confirm what was done, Arc shares usage data in real-time, showing when, where, and for how long each cycle was run, allowing for more transparency and visibility into your disinfection activities.


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