R-Zero Announces New Collaboration and Investment From Mayo Clinic, Accelerating Healthy Buildings Innovation

R-Zero Also Enters into Strategic Co-Development Collaboration with Mayo Clinic to Expand Intelligent Platform

SALT LAKE CITY – R-Zero Also Enters into Strategic Co-Development Collaboration with Mayo Clinic to Expand Intelligent Platform

R-Zero, a healthy buildings technology company dedicated to reducing the spread of infectious disease in indoor spaces, today announced new investment from and collaboration with Mayo Clinic, to accelerate innovation and advance the science behind R-Zero’s continuous, automated, disinfection ecosystem.

In addition to the investment, R-Zero has entered into a strategic co-development collaboration with Mayo Clinic to build advanced healthy buildings and infection control solutions. Through this collaboration, Mayo Clinic will bring exceptional subject matter expertise in infectious disease and hospital safety to co-develop novel capabilities for R-Zero’s next-generation technology platform, marking the convergence of leading evidence-based medicine expertise and R-Zero’s engineering and technology solutions. The goal of the collaboration is also to perform clinical studies and to create robust integrated data management platform solutions rooted in novel AI-based algorithms and software.

In 2019 alone, poor health cost U.S. businesses $575b, with $151b lost in sick days alone. R-Zero’s unprecedented growth over the past year highlights a critical reality about the post-pandemic era: the public now possesses a powerful, new awareness of the impact indoor environments have on their overall health – marking a pivotal shift in how society approaches human health in the built environment.

“Solving the world’s toughest problems requires bringing together the world’s smartest minds and leading experts. Today, as we work to solve one of the most important human health challenges, we are humbled and proud to have the backing of Mayo Clinic and are incredibly excited to collaborate with an elite medical institution with a tremendous track record for innovation and excellence,” said Grant Morgan, Co-Founder and CEO of R-Zero. “In collaboration with the world-leading experts at Mayo Clinic, we have the opportunity to create novel technologies that fundamentally change the way we keep humans safe in indoor spaces – from hospitals, to schools, to the workplace, and all of the shared spaces where we as humans spend 90% of our lives.”

“R-Zero is a highly differentiated company that is using realtime data and artificial intelligence to deliver a multitude of interventions that would provide a healthier indoor environment”, says Elie Berbari, M.D., chair, Division of Infectious Diseases at Mayo Clinic and one of the lead investigators in this engagement. “Mayo Clinic’s collaboration and investment in this technology will deliver a set of technologic substitutions to current solutions that may disrupt existing models aimed at delivering a safe indoor environment.”

Today, R-Zero is emerging as a world leader in delivering innovative technologies to address glaring gaps in society’s health protections against COVID-19, a set of hospital acquired infections and all other common infectious diseases within indoor spaces. In collaboration with Mayo Clinic, R-Zero continues to drive forward a new standard for human health, at the intersection of science, medicine and technology.

About R-Zero

R-Zero is the first technology company dedicated to making shared indoor spaces safe and clinically clean. Founded to help organizations protect the health of people they serve, R-Zero is dedicated to developing the most effective and innovative disinfection technologies to reduce the spread of all infectious diseases. R-Zero’s first product, Arc [an IoT-enabled, whole-room UV disinfection device], is currently enabling a higher level of health safety for hundreds of thousands of people across both public and private sector organizations without the use of chemicals. Today, R-Zero is pioneering the first continuous, automated disinfection ecosystem, enabling every organization to measure and manage indoor health with a previously unavailable level of sophistication and ease. Informed by data science and built with AI, ML, and IoT-connected hardware, R-Zero’s intelligent platform provides greater visibility, automation, and even smarter risk reduction within the indoor spaces where people spend their time. R-Zero is backed by leading venture capital firms DBL Partners, World Innovation Lab, and SOSV/HAX; Mayo Clinic; and thought leaders from the hospitality, sports, and commercial real estate industries. For more information, visit

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