How Far-UV and Upper Room UVC Differ from Traditional 254nm Mobile UVC Towers

If you are just beginning your journey into the UVC arena, it can be confusing or even overwhelming. There are a wide variety of products and it’s hard to know which ones do what or how they may meet your needs. Not all UVC devices are the same and some devices are better suited to certain spaces than others. Understanding the differences and similarities of each product can help you to determine which devices are right for your building and the needs of your occupants.
R Zero Arc UVC in Office

R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem uses UVC to inactivate dangerous microbes, create healthier indoor environments, and improve indoor air quality. However, each one of our products is designed to benefit your building by targeting specific needs.

Arc = Mobile Disinfection

Arc, R-Zero’s powerful 254nm mobile device, provides maximum coverage for minimal time and effort. The purpose of a mobile tower device is to reach as much space, both surface and air, in the room where it is operating and therefore deliver the most effective dose of germicidal irradiation as possible. The solid 360o design and aluminum parabolic reflectors ensure that shadowing (the places which are blocked or in shadow) is kept to an absolute minimum. Recent efficacy studies conducted by independent laboratories show that Arc is capable of inactivating 99.99% of microorganisms such as E. Coli, MRSA, c. Diff, Candida Auris, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and influenza.

Arc whole room UV-C disinfection is the perfect solution for on-demand disinfection routines required by clean rooms to provide a baseline of disinfection. From conference rooms and classrooms to hotel rooms and other high-traffic areas. Arc mobile UVC can be used for disinfection in many indoor environments. Arc is designed to be easy to move from location to location by just one person. It is also easy to operate using the control panel on the handle. The intuitive control panel is custom programmed so the operator has only the instructions needed for each space where Arc will be used.

Arc system in room animation

Arc is capable of disinfecting a 1,000 sq. ft. room in just 7 minutes with the highest levels of efficacy. This is exponentially faster than many of our competitors whose devices require 30 minutes or more to achieve the same results.

Elevated Disinfection with Beam

Beam differs from Arc in two obvious ways: it is an installed device instead of a mobile device; and, Beam works only on airborne microbes. Whereas Arc requires the space where it’s being used to be vacant, Beam can safely be used in occupied spaces. Beam mounts near the ceiling and creates a UVC disinfection zone above the heads of the people using the space. Known as Upper Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), this design uses the air circulation in the room to bring airborne microorganisms into the broad disinfection zone Beam creates.

Beam technology works in real-time and in occupied spaces to help disinfect the air closest to the point where airborne germs and viruses are circulating. Cafeterias, corridors, waiting rooms, classrooms, and gyms are all examples of where Beam can drastically improve air quality.

Beam uses 265nm UVC, which is 20 – 30% more effective than the more commonly used 254nm UVC. Beam was designed with a number of safety features built in. The baffle that comprises most of the body of the device ensures there is no exposure to the occupants of the room. Beam is also equipped with PIR safety sensors that will shut down the UV light if a person or animal crosses the path of the light. Like Arc, Beam upper room UVGI disinfection is highly efficient at inactivating airborne microbes. In recent tests, Beam was proven to inactive both the T1 and SARS-CoV-2 viruses with 99.99% efficacy.

Vive air circulation

In the illustration above, both Beam and Vive are used to provide a layered approach to air and surface. Beam disinfects the air being circulated in the room, and Vive compliments that in smaller spaces or focus areas to create a more concentrated area of disinfection.

Small But Mighty

R-Zero’s Vive far UVC is proof that big things come in small packages. Like Arc, Vive provides disinfection of both air and surfaces. Like Beam, it runs autonomously and can be used safely in occupied spaces. Vive is different from the other two, however, because it uses 222nm Far-UVC light which has been shown by Dr. David Brenner and other researchers at Columbia University to be safe for human exposure.

Vive is perfect for smaller spaces such as break rooms, bathrooms, and small conference rooms or offices. The patented nano filter technology unique to Vive has been independently tested and verified to filter out harmful UV wavelengths allowing only the human-safe 222nm light to be emitted.

While this wavelength won’t harm human skin or eyes, it is still powerful enough to disrupt the genetic materials and proteins of microorganisms and render them inactive. Recent testing of Vive confirmed 99.99% efficacy of the MRSE and Klebsiella aerogenes bacterium, the T1 virus, as well as other common indoor pathogens such as Rhinovirus (the common cold) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (common respiratory viruses).

Each device provides effective disinfection on its own, but when used together, they create an ecosystem of healthier indoor air and surfaces. Concern over workplace safety and fear of illness are important factors driving the resistance to return to work initiatives. Employees want to be certain employers are taking their concerns seriously. Adding UVC-enhanced disinfection protocols to indoor environments helps create confidence in the workplace and demonstrates concern for employee well-being. R-Zero’s ecosystem complements your healthy buildings strategy as well as driving cost savings with a focus on sustainability.

Here is a recap of the devices and how they solve disinfection challenges


  • Air Only
  • Installed Only
  • UpperRoom UVGI
  • Occupied
  • 1,000 Sq ft per device
  • CADR
  • Continuous 14 mins to neutralize 99.9% of certain bacteria and viruses in air


  • Air and Surface
  • Installed or on Stand
  • Far-UV
  • Occupied
  • 200 Sq ft per device
  • CADR
  • Continuous 30 mins to neutralize 99.9% of certain bacteria and viruses in air and on surfaces


  • Air and Surface
  • Portable Tower
  • UVC
  • Unoccupied
  • 1,000 sq ft per cycle
  • CADR
  • 7 mins to instantly neutralize 99.9% of certain bacteria and viruses in air and on surfaces

*CADR is clean air delivery rate, the rate at which an air cleaning device or piece of equipment delivers clean, purified air to a room or a space.

R-Zero supports the Healthy Buildings movement and the goal of improving the quality of indoor air. Our UVC ecosystem of products is complemented by R-Zero sensors to understand traffic patterns, areas of higher risk, and the overall efficiency and effectiveness for your facility. Let us help you define a system for your organization focused on cleaner air and healthier surfaces. Contact us today (contact info) and let us show you how we can help your organization move forward with UV disinfection.

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