Disinfection Solutions for Senior Care Facilities

Healthy buildings optimized to help residents and staff thrive

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Disinfection solutions for your senior care facility

Reassure residents

Increase staff
peace of mind

Build your census with
clinically clean spaces

Tailored solutions to meet the demand for safer senior care environments

R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem helps combat surface-borne and airborne microorganism risk. Our approach combines superior UV-C disinfection technology with automated data compilation, machine learning, and auditable tracking. Each system is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your space.



Smart, whole-room UV-C disinfection with hospital-grade efficacy to reset risk



Autonomous, upper room UVGI device made for occupied spaces; inactivates airborne microorganisms every 5 minutes



The safest far UV air & surface disinfection device made for occupied spaces; continuously inactivates microorganisms in seconds

Sustainable, cost-effective peace of mind for residents, staff, and families

Our connected ecosystem helps ensure indoor environmental quality while saving on time and resources.

R-Zero helps enable safer indoor environments with significant economic benefits and process efficiencies. Continuous data collection, reporting, and communication support help to ensure your residents and visitors continually feel safe.

Up to 70% of nursing home residents receive systemic antibiotic courses.

“Trilogy Health Services is pioneering a new standard of cleanliness for the senior care industry. The partnership with R-Zero is instrumental to our commitment to safety for both residents and employees. Anyone walking through our doors can feel confident we are going above and beyond to keep them and their loved ones healthy by utilizing this cutting-edge technology. We are proud to offer this level of excellence in safety throughout our campuses.”

Leigh Ann Barney, Trilogy Health Services President and CEO

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