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Sustainably reduce infection risk and build trust with residents

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Elderly Couple having a conversation

R-Zero's hospital-grade UV system, Arc, provides a critical layer of added protection to important senior living spaces - including private rooms and apartments, dining halls, activity rooms, lounges, and more.

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Reducing the spread of infection at senior care facilities has never been more critical.

As the health and safety of residents remains paramount, facility operators are challenged with finding effective and innovative infection prevention solutions to protect the health of those in their care.

Key Insight

Even before the pandemic, 380,000 people died each year from infection at long-term care facilities.

(CDC, January 2020)

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Differentiated Disinfection to Drive Occupancy

R-Zero’s hospital-grade UV-C disinfection device, Arc, is an ideal solution for senior care facilities to not only prioritize the health and safety of employees and residents, but also increase trust. Offering the highest level of infection prevention, Arc is proven to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in a 1000 ft.2 room in less than 7 minutes.

With Arc, you can:

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Destroy all surface and airborne pathogens - including coronavirus and norovirus - with hospital-grade efficacy
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Reduce chemical consumption and degradation as UV-C is just light, safe to use around food, plants, furniture and upholstery
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Signal your facility’s commitment to the highest standard of health for both residents and staff
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Make important shared spaces safer for residents to return to, reassuring families that their loved ones are safe while helping to attract new residents

Highlight your commitment to health and safety

It’s no longer enough to simply create a safer environment. You have to communicate the measures being taken to the audiences that matter.

The R-Zero Badge is a symbol of trust and safety, signaling your facility’s commitment to the highest standard of health and safety for both residents and staff. In addition to badging, we provide marketing support and assets, making it easy to communicate internally and externally that your facility uses hospital-grade UV-C.

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While for much of the world, our enhanced focus on preventing the spread of illness indoors is a relatively new one, infection control has always been critical to senior care operations. Long before the pandemic, pathogenic threats like norovirus, VRE and MRSA have been ongoing challenges that required vigilant disinfection protocols across senior care facilities.

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