Hospital & Healthcare UV Disinfection System

Healthy buildings optimized to help patients and staff thrive

Eligible for American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding

Disinfection solutions to help fight microorganisms in healthcare settings


Increase staff
peace of mind

Bolster patient

Tailored solutions to help meet the demand for safer healthcare environments

R-Zero’s data-enabled disinfection ecosystem continually evaluates risk and creates multiple layers of risk mitigation. Our technology delivers better disinfection performance for every part of healthcare.



Smart, whole-room UV-C disinfection with hospital-grade efficacy to help reset risk



Autonomous, upper room UVGI device made for occupied spaces; inactivates airborne microorganisms every 5 minutes



The safest far UV air & surface disinfection device made for occupied spaces; continuously inactivates microorganisms in seconds

Superior, cost-effective disinfection solutions for every healthcare environment

Our connected ecosystem helps you monitor and ensure that indoor environmental quality is high while saving on time and resources.

R-Zero enables safer indoor environments with significant economic benefits.

“We love the [RZero] product. It's a great second step and
an added layer in our disinfection process.”

IP Manager - State Hospital