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From the operating room to the cafeteria, use R-Zero hospital intelligence to understand space utilization, air and environmental quality, and help clinicians, EVS teams, and administrative staff increase productivity, improve sustainability, and reduce risk.

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Improve patient room workflows

Continuously inactivate up to 99.999% of target microbes and enhance terminal cleaning with UV-C disinfection and validated EVS compliance.


Continuous and mobile non-medical device surface disinfection with real-time reporting.

Turnaround time

Shorten room turnaround time with mobile UV-C delivering up to 99.999% disinfection of non-medical device surfaces.


Identify and mitigate overcrowding in real-time with staff alerts or digital signage changes.

Nonclinical spaces maximized for staff productivity.

Measure occupancy in real-time, and over time, to help EVS teams prioritize high-risk spaces and workplace strategists maximize space ROI.

Continuous air and surface disinfection

Disinfect cafeterias, bathrooms, waiting rooms, and other busy spaces with automatic, occupancy-aware installed UV.

Real-time administrative space productivity

Help occupants find and book available space, and auto-cancel ghost bookings.

Administrative space utilization

Identify underused administrative space for conversion to clinical use.

Space dimming

Reduce energy use by adjusting HVAC and lighting precisely as occupancy changes, or dim entire areas when unoccupied.

Improve OR compliance, productivity, and turnaround time.

Real-time sensing to maintain target air quality and pressure parameters and improve staff coordination. Mobile UV-C disinfection inactivates up to 99.999% of target microbes on non-medical device surfaces to accelerate room turnaround.

Analytics Screen

Environmental monitoring

Maintain target parameters and deliver immediate alerts.

Turnaround time

Shorten turnaround time to perform more procedures in each OR every day.

Staff Coordination

Alert staff to patient movement from pre-op to the OR to post-op recovery rooms so they arrive on time and minimize idle time.

Get more from your spaces, today.

Use precise environmental and occupancy sensing insights to manage clinical and nonclinical spaces more precisely, improve clinical staff and EVS productivity, patient and staff experience, and reduce energy and labor costs.


The most powerful, scalable UV disinfection portfolio.


R-Zero Arc

Most powerful, cost-effective mobile UV-C tower.

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Recessed UV

R-Zero Recessed UV

Far-UV air & surface + visible light in recessed fixture.

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R-Zero Vive

Far-UV air & surface.

See Vive


R-Zero Beam

Upper-room UV-C air with 12+ eACH.

See Beam

R-Zero’s UV products are intended to reduce microorganisms, pollutants, contaminants or pollen in the air and on non-medical device surfaces. The products are not intended to be used on medical device surfaces or for any health or medical-related purpose.

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The three established and proven air disinfection technologies are mechanical ventilation, upper room germicidal UV, and portable room air cleaners. Of these, upper room UV is the most cost-effective and is demonstrably safe and readily available to deploy today.

Dr. Edward Nardell
Professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Building intelligence for your entire hospital,
including occupancy and IAQ data

Occupancy & Presence Sensors

The most accurate, discreet, and versatile sensors.

See occupancy

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Air and environmental quality throughout the facility.



Choose occupancy detectors with thermal imaging or camera-based imaging to suit your needs.


Easy to install

Deploy at 1/10 the cost of competitors with wireless, battery-powered sensors, enabling faster access to data and insights to inform your workplace team.



Protect security and privacy by only transmitting occupancy and object detection counts or environmental readings, never visual information.


AI at the edge

On-device AI enables passive occupancy detection without sacrificing privacy or battery life.


Your hospital intelligence platform.

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Unlock space ROI.

Get a personalized ROI on investing in intelligent hospital space.

Instantly get a report outlining how data intelligence combined with smart disinfection cut costs. Understand how you can save with productivity gains, decreased chemical costs, and lower energy use.

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