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UV Disinfection System for Healthcare

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R-Zero’s superior UV-C disinfection devices sustainably reduce HAI risk in critical spaces across healthcare facilities: operating rooms, patient rooms, waiting rooms, labs, clinics, and more.

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Best-in-Class Disinfection for the Healthcare Environment

Unlike manual disinfection, UV-C disinfection is proven to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in minutes. R-Zero’s UV-C disinfection device, Arc, is an ideal solution for healthcare facilities to keep patients free of HAIs.

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Arc delivers an average 80% reduction in infection risk due to germicidal UV-C light output that is up to 109% more than other hospital-grade competitors.

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R-Zero's solutions deliver a +2:1 ROI on overall disinfection and HAI-related costs. With +100% more germicidal irradiation than other systems at +5x less cost, Arc is faster, cheaper and better than alternatives.

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UV-C is an eco-friendly disinfection solution that helps reduce patient and staff exposure to harmful chemicals.

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All R-Zero products are elegantly designed with IoT connectivity for simple implementation and automated reporting.

The R-Zero Arc Delivers Superior Disinfection

Gain visibility into your disinfection process

Rather than relying on manual checklists to confirm what was done, Arc shares usage data in real-time, enabling full visibility into when, where, and for how long each disinfection cycle was run.

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