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  • uvc cheaper then hvac upgrades in offices

    UVC Technology: Meet Disinfection, Sustainability Goals Without Costly HVAC Upgrades.

    But rest assured—recent innovations in UVC disinfection are not only incredibly effective but are more sustainable, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly compared to HVAC upgrades and the use of chemicals. Regardless of modality, sustainable disinfection is the new normal. Healthy spaces are expected—and organizations are scrambling to bring health and safety confidence back to […]

  • Indoor air quality

    CADR, ACH, eACH: Understanding Indoor Air Quality

    Now there is a growing movement to return to the office and to get back to “normal.” In order to help employees feel confident about coming back to work, and to help create a healthier indoor environment, businesses are paying close attention to the processes and equipment that allow them to improve the air quality […]

  • R Zero Arc UVC in Office

    How Far-UV and Upper Room UVC Differ from Traditional 254nm Mobile UVC Towers

    R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem uses UVC to inactivate dangerous microbes, create healthier indoor environments, and improve indoor air quality. However, each one of our products is designed to benefit your building by targeting specific needs. Arc = Mobile Disinfection Arc, R-Zero’s powerful 254nm mobile device, provides maximum coverage for minimal time and effort. The purpose of […]

  • Clean Air in Classroom

    Educators, Take a Deep Breath—Healthier Classrooms Are on the Horizon

    From classroom sanitation to remote learning, keeping things as ‘normal’ as possible for teachers and students hasn’t been easy throughout the pandemic. As most school districts have nixed remote learning in favor of a return to the classroom, the health and safety of school buildings remain top of mind for both educators and parents. In […]

  • Clean Air in Office

    Is Now a Good Time? The Top 4 Reasons to Consider A (Safe) Return to the Office

    After a couple of years, many of us have grown accustomed to the ups and downs of a work-from-home lifestyle. Working from home doesn’t seem to affect productivity levels, and there is some indication that it may even increase them – but in many circumstances, meeting in person is critical to driving outcomes. As more […]