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The stories and science behind R-Zero, on our journey to achieving a new standard for disinfection.

  • A classroom sits empty due to school closures

    Why School Closures May Not Be the Answer

    Throughout the United States and in countries around the world, decision-makers have debated school closures during the pandemic. The World Bank, UNICEF, and UNESCO estimate that COVID-related school closures have disrupted education for 1.6 billion children worldwide. They also estimate that this generation of students is at risk of losing $17 trillion in lifetime earnings […]

  • COVID and schools student in mask at desk

    Friday Roundup: COVID and Schools This Week

    COVID and schools continue to do battle as the Omicron variant persists in wreaking havoc for the education sector in the U.S. and abroad. Teachers, parents, administrators, and students are grappling with the pros and cons of in-person instruction. In this latest edition of our Friday round-up series, we look at how the conversation around […]

  • Classroom for ESSER Funding Blog Post

    How ESSER Funding Can Help Future-Proof Your School

    Since the COVID pandemic began in March 2020, the U.S. government has provided Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. The complex funding program supports schools in the fight against coronavirus. With over 4,600 U.S. schools closed due to Omicron during the first week of 2022, spending ESSER funding to avoid learning disruptions and […]

  • K-12 classroom sits empty due to COVID closures

    Friday Roundup: This Week’s COVID and Education Headlines

    The Omicron variant of COVID continues to dominate headlines across the U.S. and around the world. With our understanding of this variant changing almost daily, schools in particular have experienced turmoil trying to navigate the best practices for ensuring student and staff safety. In this new blog series from R-Zero, we’re sharing the top stories […]

  • Jeff Wagner, R-Zero's GM of Education

    R-Zero’s New GM of Education, Jeff Wagner, on the Built Environment and People

    R-Zero is proud to announce that built environment expert Jeff Wagner, former Chief of Facilities for Clark County School District in Nevada, has joined the team as General Manager of Education. As a trained architect and former college professor, Jeff brings a wealth of experience regarding the impact of the built environment on people-performance. Before […]

  • Students in a K-12 classroom

    Understanding Omicron and Its Implications for Schools

    Over the past several weeks, the Omicron variant has taken center stage in headlines across the globe. The CDC and the WHO continue to grapple with the original strain of COVID, the previously dominant Delta variant, and the uncertainty of what Omicron may bring. The pandemic is once again upending daily life, dealing another psychological […]

  • Employees collaborating in a healthy building space

    Healthy Buildings: A Certain Solution in Uncertain Times

    Many employees stepped away from their desks in shared workspaces in March of 2020 and haven’t returned. In some ways, it feels like sharing space at work was just a moment ago, and in others, it feels like forever since life and work felt normal. People have missed out on experiences, friendships, and milestones over […]

  • Office Employees Sit Beneath R-Zero Beam Upon Return to Work

    The Return to Work: What Will Set Companies Apart?

    For many companies, return to work dates have become a moving target the longer the COVID pandemic lasts. Just this week, Google announced that the company is pushing back its original full reopening date (January 10, 2022) further into 2022, with no replacement date named. As employers and employees have navigated the ups and downs […]

  • R-Zero Vive far UV device

    Meet Vive: Far UV for Continuous Air & Surface Disinfection

    Humans and Germ Theory: An Early History Human beings have always coexisted with microorganisms. However, it wasn’t until the 17th century that we could see them and prove they were real.  In the 1660s, a Dutch cloth merchant named Anton van Leeuwenhoek ground up glass to create magnifying lenses so he could more closely inspect […]

  • Thanksgiving table set for a holiday gathering

    COVID-Safe Holiday Gatherings: Tips for Hosts and Guests

    Tracking Rising Case Counts With Thanksgiving making a return this week, COVID-safe holiday gatherings are on many Americans’ minds. Axios recently shared some compelling statistics about Americans’ COVID vaccination status. Only 59 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Furthermore, only 37 percent of Americans over the age of 65 have received the […]

  • R-Zero Beam upper room UVGI device

    Meet Beam: Autonomous Air Disinfection through Upper Room UVGI

    Living in a Germ State Germ theory isn’t a new idea: it’s been over 150 years since Louis Pasteur discovered and began to develop it. But society’s current hyper-focus on cleanliness and disinfection is somewhat of a contemporary phenomenon. Who knew that hand-washing, Lysol wipes, toilet paper, masks, and more would become such a large […]

  • Man in blue gloves cleaning and disinfecting with chemicals

    Cleaning and Disinfecting with Chemicals: What to Know

    Cleaning and disinfecting with chemicals such as bleach have been go-to methods since the start of the last century. Chemical products are often inexpensive and convenient cleaners used in organizations, public facilities, and people’s homes. Recently, bleach and other chemical disinfection methods have been an integral part of disinfecting surfaces during the pandemic, helping curb […]

  • Arc UV-C Device in Corporate Office

    UV-C Disinfection: A Secret Weapon for Shared Space Protection

    According to renowned Harvard researchers, by the time we reach 80, we will have spent 72 years of our lives indoors. This staggering fact means that healthy indoor environments and indoor air quality (IAQ) matter. Furthermore, facilities leaders responsible for the indoor spaces where we spend our time play an instrumental role in stewarding our […]

  • Side view of empty hospital bed

    Democratizing Access to Hospital-Grade Disinfection

    A version of this post originally appeared on Outcomes Rocket’s blog, following an interview with R-Zero’s President and Co-founder, Eli Harris. We are sharing it here with permission from Outcomes Rocket. Pre-pandemic, clean spaces were important. Today, a clean space is not enough. Thanks to the increased attention to public health and safety due to […]

  • Family member comforting a hospital patient

    The Human Cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

    In the mid 1800s, the British obstetrician Sir James Young Simpson argued that infections after surgical procedures were closely related to deficiencies in hospital design, ventilation, and management. Simpson had previously observed the negative effects of overcrowding in hospitals and studied the correlation between poor hospital conditions and mortality rates. He used the term hospitalism […]

  • Blurred image of hospital corridor

    The History of Disease Mitigation and Disinfection

    If you ever labored through Homer’s The Odyssey in a high school literature class, you may recall the disturbing homecoming of the eponymous hero, Odysseus. What you may not remember is that the final scenes of Homer’s epic poem include one of the older records of disinfection practices in the western literary canon. Here’s what […]

  • Businesswoman looking out open office window

    Something in the (Indoor) Air: The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

    The largest school system in the U.S., the New York City public schools, reopened on Monday, September 13th. To support this reopening, the schools implemented a large number of mitigation measures. On a dedicated webpage titled “Health and Safety in Our Schools,” the district shared 12 different mitigation measures, with ventilation at number seven on […]

  • Researchers in a laboratory setting examine samples

    COVID-19 Updates: The Latest News on Variants, Vaccines, Mask Mandates, and Mitigation

    With many schools across the U.S. already back in session, the Harris Poll fielded August 20th to 22nd surveyed parents about how they are feeling as their students return to classrooms and campuses. 60% of parents said knowing that some students are returning to school unvaccinated and potentially without masks makes them uncomfortable. 74% of […]

  • The New Standard for Healthy Classrooms: Fewer Sick Days, Better Performance

    On Thursday, August 26th, R-Zero partnered with the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), also known as The School Superintendents Association, to host a panel discussion on best practices in working toward, “The New Standard for Healthy Classrooms: Fewer Sick Days, Better Performance.” The session brought together public health experts and school leaders to explore […]

  • COVID and the Societal Ills of Viral Spread

    According to urban legend, U.S. Surgeon General William Stewart made a bold proclamation in the later 1960s: “It is time to close the book on infectious diseases, and declare the war against pestilence won.” While subsequent research has unearthed no evidence that Stewart actually uttered these words, the statement reflects a pervasive naivety in the […]

  • Sports and Fitness in the COVID Era: Lessons from the Tokyo Games

    In March 2020, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the announcement marked the first time the Games had been postponed since their debut in 1896. The Games’ schedule had only been altered three other times – during World War I and World War II. At the time, […]

  • The Ever-Changing COVID Landscape and the Continuing Need for Risk Mitigation

    This afternoon, President Biden is expected to announce a new requirement for federal workers to either be vaccinated or submit to strict testing protocols. CNN has called this anticipated announcement and the recent CDC reversal on mask recommendations “emergency actions designed to contain a new surge of Covid-19 that has quickly become the top issue […]

  • Coronavirus 3D render

    Lambda, Gamma, Delta: What to Know About the COVID Variants Making Headlines

    Current headlines featuring words like “delta,” “gamma,” and “lambda” might conjure images of sororities and fraternities, but they are instead reports on the COVID variants that have been appearing worldwide. Viral variants are a natural part of viral evolution, and the proliferation of variants alone should not be cause for alarm. Dr. Inci Yildirim, MD, […]

  • R-Zero Acquires CoWorkr to Advance the Future of Indoor Health and Productivity

    By Grant Morgan, CEO and Co-Founder In the introduction to their influential 2020 book Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity, Joseph G. Allen and John D. Macomber describe the multidisciplinary pursuit of healthier indoor spaces as “the greatest untapped business and health opportunity of our time.” Today, R-Zero is significantly advancing the […]

  • Wall of windows in office building

    The Roadmap to a “Healthier Normal” through UV-C Innovation

    This year’s July 4th holiday weekend marked an inflection point for America’s ongoing emergence from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Multiple national news outlets noted how the anniversary of the country’s independence has coincided with significant indicators of resuming pre-pandemic behavior. Commenting on July 4th celebrations in the nation’s capital, The Washington Post described the weekend’s festivities […]

  • Closeup of clear particles for surface disinfection

    The Case for Surface Disinfection and Hand Hygiene

    On March 23, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their guidance regarding building ventilation. While highlighting the importance of ventilation and air quality in the fight against COVID-19, the CDC acknowledged that there are “multiple mitigation strategies…to reduce the spread of disease and lower the risk of exposure.” In addition to […]

  • New Paradigm Flyer

    A New Paradigm for Safer Schools

    A Conversation with CDC and Education Leaders Regarding Infection Control Strategies for the Post-Covid Era Recently, R-Zero hosted a panel discussion with former CDC official Dr. Paula Fujiwara, and school leaders from across the country – to discuss the challenges and successes in safely returning to in-person learning.  Now, school districts across the country consider […]

  • Female Holding Elderly hand

    A New Standard for Health + Safety in Senior Care

    While for much of the world, our enhanced focus on preventing the spread of illness indoors is a relatively new one, infection control has always been critical to senior care operations. Long before the pandemic, pathogenic threats like norovirus, VRE and MRSA have been ongoing challenges that required vigilant disinfection protocols across senior care facilities.  […]

  • 79% of americans value health over work after pandemic

    R-Zero Survey Finds Major Shift in Employee Mindset: 79% Value Health Over Productivity

    And 91% Say Employers are Responsible for Health Experience brings both renewed priorities and new expectations. While it’s clear there will be new priorities and expectations from the employee-employer relationship, there has been much uncertainty from organizations as to what those are.  In April, R-Zero partnered with The Harris Poll to survey office workers across […]

  • conceptual hexagon tech bubbles floating over a forest of trees and residential buildings

    Innovating to Better Serve People and Our Planet

    By Ben Boyer, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, R-Zero Since co-founding Tenaya Capital in 2009, I’ve had the opportunity to invest in startups like Qunar, Eventbrite, and Lyft — companies that have transformed entire sectors and with them, our daily lives. But as I entered my 40s and began to think more about my impact on […]

  • arc air

    New Technologies for Returning to the Workplace

    by Scott Rhymes, The ABD Team When a social norm as common as a handshake may go the way of the Dodo bird, new expectations are bubbling to the surface that will influence how we reduce the spread of communicable diseases into the future. The pandemic has taught society, employers, and employees a lot about […]

  • How CANOPY is Creating a Safer Return to Its Coworking Communities

    Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, San Francisco was arguably the coworking capital of the U.S. In 2018, the city had more coworking spaces per capita than any other major city in the country. In San Francisco’s ecosystem of tech startups, entrepreneurs and creatives, coworking spaces have in recent years served as a preferred […]

  • Cup of pencils in classroom

    Why UV-C is the Best Disinfection Spend for K-12 Education Stimulus Dollars

    (Updated October 11, 2021) In early March, President Biden signed his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. Marking the largest one-time federal investment in education to date, the bill provided an unprecedented $125 billion in aid to K-12 schools and added to the pot of funding still available from previous rounds of relief. As schools navigate […]

  • Close up of crystal globe resting on grass in a forest – environment concept

    The Costs of Chemical-Based Disinfection are Too High. We Can Do Better.

    By Kevin Samy, Government Affairs Lead at R-Zero In 1962, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring issued a stern warning against neglecting the immense risks of hazardous chemicals use, especially in pesticides. Her book helped encourage policymakers to take a hard look at the widespread application of DDT, a harmful pesticide, adding fuel to a burgeoning environmental […]

  • From our CEO: 2020 in Review

    We need a new standard for infection prevention – one that prioritizes human health and ensures the safety of the spaces where we spend our time, and one where organizations of all shapes and sizes have access to the best technologies and protocols available today.

  • R-Zero Joins Leading Government Advisory Organization, International Ultraviolet Association

    SAN FRANCISCO, December 9, 2020 — R-Zero, a biosafety company dedicated to developing the most effective hospital-grade UV-C disinfection technologies to reduce the spread of infectious disease, today announced its official membership with the International Ultraviolet Association, Inc. (IUVA). IUVA is a leading educational and advocacy organization composed of UV equipment vendors, scientists, engineers, consultants, […]

  • From Our Founders: R-Zero Announces $15M in Series A Funding

    What it means to be a Double Bottom Line Company, and why that matters to us. We are thrilled to announce that R-Zero has closed $15M in Series A funding led by DBL Partners (Ira Ehrenpreis), with participation from a number of other world-class investors including Bedrock Capital (Geoff Lewis) and HAX / SOSV (Duncan […]

  • R-Zero UV-C System next to cleaning cart

    An Overview of Disinfection Methods

    Dr. Richard Wade, PhD, MPH, R-Zero Chief Scientist shares how schools, businesses, and workplaces can implement long term infection prevention programs.

  • A Brief Lesson on R0

    R0 has long been considered a fundamental metric in the study of infectious disease dynamics. Get an introduction on R0 and how R-Zero is working to help reduce R0 values across communities.

  • Light and blue UV Testing Lab blurred medical background.

    How Effective is UV Sterilization?

    If you are considering purchasing a UV-C disinfection device, it’s critical to understand how effective it is at reducing pathogens. Learn more about what testing results mean to make an informed decision when comparing UV-C devices.

  • Meet Arc

    Our flagship product, Arc, is the first hospital-grade UV-C disinfection system designed for the dynamic environments of modern organizations. Proven to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in a 1,000 sq ft room in just 7 minutes, Arc is the most powerful, human-centric and adaptable UV-C system on the market.

  • R-Zero grid icon with people walking around office

    R-Zero Manifesto

    It took a deadly virus we can’t even see to open our eyes. We have a vision, which from this moment in humanity’s history might seem lofty, but that is the point of visions: to be ambitious. While the majority of the world is forced to live day by day, we are taking the long […]