Reduce O.R. turnaround time

UV-C reduces operating room disinfection time compared to chemical-based cleaning

R-Zero Arc's industry-leading cycle time achieves 99.99% inactivation of common O.R. contaminants, helping you save 3-5 minutes per surgery.

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The Impact of Reducing Turnover Time

The median turnover time between hospital surgeries is 28.5 minutes, with most of that time spent on cleaning and disinfection. With an average of 4 turnovers per day, every minute of downtime can add up and impact hospital revenue. Disinfection speed and efficacy are critical to improving operational efficiency.

With R-Zero’s Arc, your janitorial staff can fully disinfect a 600 sqft operating room achieving 99.99% inactivation of all harmful microorganisms with a single 4 minute disinfection cycle.

See how R-Zero UV-C compares against competitors.

R-Zero Xenex Tru-D Surfacide
Dosage / minute 31.4 2 19.8 15
Dosage after 3.5 minutes 109.9 7 69.3 52.5
Time to recommend O.R. dosage 3.50 54.9 5.55 7.33