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Designing a safer world.

We're R-Zero. The first biosafety company dedicated to making the spaces we all live, learn, work and play safer and clinically clean. We're taking a modern, technology-forward approach to infection prevention, thoughtfully designing the most effective solutions to reduce the transmission of pathogens and the diseases they cause - from the coronavirus to the common cold. Our flagship product, Arc, is a touchless, hospital-grade germicidal UV-C system, proven to destroy over 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in a 1,000 sq ft space, in just 7 minutes. It's the first UV disinfection system designed for every business.

Together, we're establishing a new standard for infection prevention. One to address and overcome the challenges we face today and in the future. So while today the focus may be COVID-19... tomorrow, it's norovirus, the seasonal flu, E. coli,  the common cold, and every other virus, bacteria, fungi and mold out there.

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