Designing a safer world.

It took a deadly virus we can’t even see to open our eyes. When the novel coronavirus shuttered us inside our homes, like the rest of the world, we felt more vulnerable than ever before. We were determined to do what we could to get life back to normal. To help businesses survive. To help people thrive.

We know our enemy.
We just can’t see it.

We wondered how regular people—without a PhD or medical training—can fight a microscopic war. Where the enemies are invisible and there’s no vaccine in sight.

So, together, we set out to create a new standard of disinfection.

One that not only destroys pathogens but stops them from multiplying. One that creates safer spaces and common places. One that helps rebuild a world even better than the one we knew before the word “COVID” invaded our bodies, headlines and economies.

R-Zero team

Meet the team

Ben Boyer, Co-Founder at R-Zero


Ben Boyer

Eli Harris, Co-Founder at R-Zero


Eli Harris

Grant Morgan, Co-Founder at R-Zero


Grant Morgan

Richard Wade (PhD, MPH), Chief Scientist at R-Zero

Chief Scientist

Dr. Richard L. Wade (PhD, MPH)

UV in action

The future of R-Zero

COVID-19 exposed how vulnerable we are to infectious diseases.

But the challenge is bigger than Coronavirus alone.

When it comes to infection prevention, we need a new normal.

Influenza, norovirus, E. coli, common cold, and other common infectious diseases impact nearly 100 million Americans every year.  Cumulatively, poor health costs US employers $530 billion annually.

At R-Zero, we’ve developed a suite of solutions designed to greatly reduce the staggering damage each one of those viruses causes to our health and the health of our economy.

We’re establishing a new standard for public health. One to address and overcome the challenges we face today and in the future.

We are a biosafety company dedicated to making safer everyday spaces and common places. We thoughtfully design the most effective technologies and protocols to reduce our world of deadly pathogens—today and forever.

Safer starts here.

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