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Designing a safer world

The world's population growth has exploded in the last 100 years - doubling multiple times.

Our world can feel its effects. With record numbers in density, as the human race, we've never been this close. We're even closer to animals we've never been exposed to before. Our unprecedented growth has also led to a dramatic increase in carbon emissions, deforestation, and our basic need for food and water.

As a result, we are vulnerable to the increased risks of cancer, chronic diseases, and the all-to-real potential for pandemics, like COVID-19.

It took a deadly virus we can't even see to open our eyes. When the COVID-19 shuttered us inside our homes and away from the rest of the world, we felt more vulnerable than ever before. We learned, adapted, and grew but we also cried, mourned, and struggled.

How 2020 impacted our minds, our hearts and our wallets.

Still fear losing their job.
Still worry about a global recession

Emotionally, we changed.

Feel the pandemic is still a significant source of stress


Miss seeing friends and family


Believe "safety" means more than it did 6 months ago


Source: Harris Poll

Socially, we changed.

Plan to stay more connected to friends and family (post-pandemic)


"My social network became smaller, but more connected"


"I preferred smaller social gatherings v. going out to bars or restaurants"


Source: Harris Poll

A year ago, none of us could have imagined the world we live in today.

But if we continue to learn and work together, we will build a brighter, more hopeful future. As the world continues to open up, we have the rare opportunity to recalibrate our commitment to each other as humans, companies and services. If we share in this vision-to create a safer world-we will do more than survive. We will thrive.

Break Rooms

COVID exposed just how vulnerable we are to infectious diseases.

COVID-19 continues to spread, even with an effective vaccine here in the United States. The impact of the emerging variants is unknown.


The virus has claimed more than 500,000 American lives


More than 11 million Americans have had to file for new financial assistance claims. Even more are worried about their economic future.

Source: CDC, Business Insider, CNBC, NY Times, CNN, US Department of Labor.


COVID isn't the only enemy we face.

COVID-19 has shown us how devastating a virus can be to society. Any virus. The ones that aren't in the headlines. At least not yet.

They're all unpredictable with the potential to inflict overwhelming damage. Any virus can shut down our economy in a matter of days. Or take the ones we love.

But hopeful eyes see any virus can be stopped. We know with the right science, technology and protocols, we can fight back against these deadly pathogens and significantly reduce their impact. For far too long, we've accepted the numbers, the death tolls, the fears, and the ongoing impact. We can do more. We must do more. The health standards we set for ourselves today will determine how healthy we all are tomorrow.

Infection prevention needs a new, better normal.

Before COVID-19, millions of Americans got sick each year and we just accepted it.

This was normal. We now understand how seriously we've underestimated the real impact of spreading infection. We also know we don't have to tolerate such high rates of infection anymore. We can be better at stopping disease. There's a better way.

Science Labs

40m Influenza. Seasonal influenza puts a big burden on our health, which can impact worker absenteeism and daily productivity. Estimated cost: More than $87B a year in total economic impact.


21m Norovirus. Every year, norovirus is estimated to cost $60 billion worldwide due to healthcare costs and lost productivity.


1m HAIs (health-associated infections).
Sadly, 99,000 of those result in death.


E. coli. impacts 265,000 Americans every year. One variant of E.coli costs almost $300 million a year.


Staph infections impact 100,000 Americans every year. (MRSA alone costs the US economy $3 billion a year.)

child holding tablet with statistics

These are just the numbers we know.

Epidemiological studies indicate the impact is even greater. In fact, viruses play a role in seven of the top ten killers in the U.S. (Heart Disease, Cancer, Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, and Influenza/Pneumonia). Viral infections have also contributed to a surge in auto-immune diseases, causing lifelong struggles for millions of Americans.

COVID showed us how fragile and unprepared we really are. It also showed us how resilient we are. How we can be better. How we can live smarter. What we can do and what we must do. It's up to all of us to create the safest world possible. Starting with the world around you.

Poor health comes with a big price tag: $530 billion annually in the U.S.

The healthier we are, the healthier our economy is.

Sick days are costing us more and more money every year. And pre-COVID, the number of people showing up at work sick was on the rise. Together, we can break this seemingly never-ending cycle. It's time we stand up for our health, for the health of workers and for the health of our nation's economy.

If we set our infection prevention standards higher, our economy will follow.

Major areas of costs:



Workers' compensation treatments (medical and pharmacy)



Wages and benefits (incidental absence due to illness, workers' comp, and FMLA)



Opportunity costs of absence (missed revenues, costs of hiring substitutes, overtime)



Impaired performance (attributed to chronic health conditions)



Workers' compensation, other costs

We know our enemy. We just can't see it.

two people having a conversation

We wondered how regular people-without a Ph.D. or medical training-can fight a microscopic war. Where the enemies are invisible and the infection rates of the past are no longer acceptable.

So, together, we set out to create a new standard of disinfection.

One that not only destroys pathogens, it helps rebuild. Imagine a world even better than the one we knew before the word "COVID" invaded our bodies, headlines and economies.

Our world is different now.

We don't feel safe-we can't feel safe-until we know it's safe.

The pandemic raised our awareness of the ongoing threats we face, and at the same time, it also raised our expectations for what safety means.

Like never before, we need to restore people's trust in businesses to provide safe environments.

woman on her laptop

We are a biosafety company dedicated to making the places we learn, play, and work, safer everyday spaces and common places. We thoughtfully design the most effective technologies and protocols to reduce our world of deadly pathogens-today and forever.

In addition to harmful infections, we're also committed to ridding the world of chemicals and waste.

Our innovations are painstakingly designed to live up to our high environmental and socially responsible standards. It's important to us to make our technology more accessible to help serve the underserved.

rzero uvc arc handle detail

Technology. R-Zero is germ-killing technology on a whole other level. We IoT connected our devices to ensure a new level of accuracy in disinfection. A connection that's never been done before. There's a first time for everything, even for the Internet of Everything.


Science. Beyond innovative technology, we leverage our scientific knowledge and expertise to solve the issues of trust and safety in a post-pandemic world.

woman scientist in a lab
two researchers discussing data

Communication. One of the most important tools in rebuilding that trust is clear communications. That's why we take special interest in helping businesses develop simple, compelling, comforting messaging to ensure patrons understand the investment you've made to ensure their safety.

We know the numbers. We know the science. We know the language.

Your customers will feel safe. Because they'll know they're safe. We are creating a new standard in public health. One to help build a future healthy and strong.

Infections spread three main ways. We stop them all.

R-Zero is dedicated to destroying infectious diseases.

We envision a world free of serious threats we face today-to our lives and our livelihoods. So we design our solutions to combat the three primary vectors of pathogen spread:



Human Contact

rzero uvc handle bottom detail

Dynamic spaces demand continuous improvement and safety. Our intuitive software, R-Zero Connect, shares usage data in real-time, making disinfection more efficient and effective over time.

This is only the beginning. There's so much more we can do. We will continue to provide the innovation-the hardware and the software-and the insights to design a safer world for us all.