Upper Room UVGI:

Gain 5x the savings while increasing building productivity by 20%.

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Unmatched ROI

Significantly reduce energy use, HVAC spend, and labor costs. Minimize facility overhead with optimized space usage.

HVAC filter trapping microorganisms

Today, the limitations of HVAC are even clearer

Post-covid, The American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends all buildings meet the same baseline air changes per hour (ACH) level as hospitals, 6 ACH.

Pre and post Covid Chart

All buildings should meet clinical-grade air quality.

Adding a layer of UVC disinfection to your HVAC strategies is a proven, data-driven method to improve indoor air quality standards.

UR-UVGI is the answer.

Together, HVAC and Upper-room UVGI raise indoor air quality with lower costs, more efficacy, and increased sustainability than HVAC improvements alone.

UVC Disinfection light diagram

The most cost-effective and sustainable way to improve IAQ

Working together, HVAC systems and Upper-Room UVGI raise indoor air quality standards to where they need to be more economically, sustainably, and effectively than other methods or HVAC alone. In fact, R-Zero’s UR-UVGI device, Beam, uses 93% less energy per air change than HVAC system upgrades would, which means a lower ownership cost and smaller carbon footprint

Beam vs HVAC cost comparison

R-Zero Beam uses 93% less energy per ACH than HVAC, yielding lower TCO and a smaller carbon footprint.

Working together, Beam and HVAC:

Beam prevents the spread of airborne microorganisms by inactivating them in the room where transmission occurs, significantly raising eACH levels to recommended levels without any HVAC alteration.

Beam and HVAC working together
Air quality with and without R Zero Beam

Why HVAC alone doesn’t improve indoor air quality.

HVAC systems were created for air circulation—not disinfection.

how HVAC alone fails

HVAC: thermal comfort raises exposure risk

When it's cold, central air keeps occupants warm. However, as the room fills, body heat naturally warms the space, telling the HVAC system to pump in less air—reducing ACH.

The more people in a room, the higher the need for ventilation. But decreasing ventilation to maintain thermal comfort increases virus and bacteria exposure risk.

how HVAC alone fails

For a healthier building, skip the HVAC upgrades.

Healthy spaces begin with improved indoor air quality. However, relying on HVAC to enhance indoor health can lead to increased energy costs, higher GHG emissions, and expensive building upgrades to increase duct size.

HVAC air filtration diagram

HVAC can’t sense where airflow is needed most.

Indoor virus and bacteria exposure risk starts at the room level. Unfortunately, HVAC systems were never designed to sense which rooms have the highest risk at any given time.

room virus spread variables

HVAC systems move and store harmful microorganisms—not eliminate them.

Unlike other disinfection methods that kill or deactivate microorganisms in-room, HVAC can only decrease the risk of exposure by pulling them across and out of the room and storing them in disposable filters within the HVAC system.

air passing thru filter

What about other supplements to HVAC systems for improving indoor air quality?

These solutions also fall short on a disinfection level:

So, what works? UR-UVGI.

Upper-room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UR-UVGI) works seamlessly with HVAC to effectively, sustainably, and efficiently provide clinical-grade disinfection levels.

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R-Zero’s ecosystem drives dramatic reduction in energy costs, GHG emissions, and lessens the need for harsh chemicals. Find out just how much R-Zero disinfection can help you save money and be more sustainable - everyday.

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