School & Campus Disinfection Solutions

Healthy buildings optimized to help students and teachers thrive

Eligible for funding through CARES, ESSER I, and ESSER II

Disinfection solutions for your school or campus facilities

Promote healthy
indoor environments

Implement a sustainable
method of disinfection

Provide peace of mind to
your school community

Tailored solutions to meet your unique building, budget, and safety needs

R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem helps combat surface-borne and airborne microorganism risk. Our approach combines superior UV-C disinfection technology with automated data compilation, machine learning, and auditable tracking. Each system is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your space.



Smart, whole-room UV-C disinfection with hospital-grade efficacy to help reset risk



Autonomous, upper room UVGI device made for occupied spaces; inactivates airborne microorganisms every 5 minutes



The safest far UV air & surface disinfection device made for occupied spaces; continuously inactivates microorganisms in seconds

Protect the 55 million students and 7 million staff
who attend US schools each day

Sustainable, cost-effective peace of mind for all stakeholders

R-Zero’s ecosystem is an ideal solution for schools to prioritize indoor environmental quality for your students and staff. Through the use of sustainable UV-C disinfection, we help enable safer indoor environments with significant economic benefits, alongside manual cleaning and disinfection processes.

Continuous data-collection, reporting, and communication support help to ensure the community, board, and other stakeholders know the care you are taking.

ROI & Sustainability Calculator

R-Zero’s ecosystem drives dramatic reduction in energy costs, GHG emissions, and lessens the need for harsh chemicals. Find out just how much R-Zero disinfection can help you save money and be more sustainable - everyday.

Calculate Savings
Incremental energy cost
Incremental GHG emissions (tonnes CO2e)

Energy cost savings
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Equivalent cars removed from the road

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per eACH

“The R-Zero Arc was the answer to our classrooms functioning as normally as possible under the reality of this airborne virus. This machine will continue to benefit our entire school system even after the threat of the pandemic is over... R-Zero Arc has increased the community's confidence and peace of mind knowing that the highest standard of disinfection is being implemented in their schools.”

Gary Tipsord, School Superintendent

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