R-Zero Ecosystem

Using data and innovation to drive a new way forward

Groundbreaking UVC disinfection and sensor technology bring healthy spaces, big or small, to life.

Excellence starts with a healthy sense of confidence.

We’re committed to helping our customers reach their full potential with sustainable, intelligent solutions.

Meet the R-Zero Ecosystem.

Empower sustainability, safety, and efficiency with cutting-edge UVC disinfection and occupancy sensor technology.

Coworkr Sensor


Dynamic spatial intelligence guiding data-driven efficiency and productivity.


Continuous disinfection safely inactivates microorganisms in minutes—even in fast-paced, people-focused environments.

R Zero Arc UVC in Office


Mobile disinfection with hospital-grade UVC for spaces requiring frequent disinfection.

R-Zero transforms your healthy building strategy into a glowing success.

The future of buildings is healthy and connected. Benchmark and drive your building health and efficiency strategies with an intelligent, comprehensive data-driven approach.

No space is the same. Custom risk assessments, white-glove installations, and countless integrations team up to bring your healthy space to life.

Privacy-first sensors for data-driven value

Coworkr Sensor

Develop informed real estate strategies

Obtain historical workplace utilization data to drive cost-effective, sustainable, evidence-based CRE decisions.

Coworkr Sensor

Enable a confident hybrid workforce

Promote dynamic workspace agility to power productivity and improve space utilization efficiency with hotspot desk solutions.

Coworkr Sensor

Simplify janitorial processes

Capture intelligent space utilization and cleaning reports to improve janitorial productivity and disinfection routines

Coworkr Sensor

Revolutionize workplace experiences

Use real-time sensor data and third-party software to improve room usage and enhance on-site experiences.

90% of Americans routinely bring unwanted microbes into workplaces. Raise the bar on indoor air quality, drive bottom-line success, and empower communities to reach their full potential.

Building a healthier tomorrow with safe, powerful UVC disinfection

Coworkr Sensor

Deep sanitization,
with more sustainability

UVC technology uses the power of light to disinfect with greater efficacy, consistency, and less energy consumption than today’s heavily HVAC and chemical-dependent solutions.

Coworkr Sensor

Lower costs and make every square foot count

Efficacy and sustainability are built into every aspect of the R-Zero Ecosystem for the industry's most cost-effective solution - drive ROI without ever compromising safety.

Coworkr Sensor

Excellence starts with confidence

The best ideas begin where collaboration and engagement thrive. Protecting these spaces confidently brings people together with unparalleled peace of mind, comfort, visibility and insight.

Coworkr Sensor

Continuous or mobile disinfection

Deliver protection where your unique space needs it most. With always-on and on-demand technologies, R-Zero provides organizations of all types with proactive disinfection solutions for areas of all sizes, environments, and uses.


The R-Zero Ecosystem by the numbers


Completed Cycles

Disinfection Minutes


Completed Cycles

Disinfection Minutes



Sensor Days


Vacancy Costs

One ecosystem.
Hundreds of healthy outcomes.

Coworkr Sensor


Get the greatest return on your investment, with with lower energy costs, a smaller carbon footprint, and enhanced utilization.


Dramatically lower waste, chemical usage, and energy to enable healthy, thriving environments.

Coworkr Sensor


Safety, efficacy, and privacy are built into all of our products from design to installation and maintenance.

How it all interacts together.



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Assess Risk

A comprehensive site evaluation is performed to develop a tailored profile predicting microorganism prevalence.


Design a Custom Solution

The type and number of R-Zero devices required to achieve the best results for your space is determined.


Complete White-Glove Installation

Quick, safe, expert-led deployment from start to finish.


World-Class Customer Success

On-going maintenance, product, and space optimization support.