Bring life back to your buildings with anonymous, real-time data & insights

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One platform for healthy, smart, and sustainable buildings

Integrate data from all devices, extracts insights, and manages workflows.

It all begins with space utilization insights. Deep understanding of occupancy informs decisions including real estate optimization, infection risk reduction, energy/GHG emissions savings, janitorial labor optimization, and more.

Continually improve with your data

Optimize your space

Unlike other organizations, schools are often stuck with their current real estate footprint. Accordingly, they have to maximize the space they have and program their spaces for the most effective use. Sensors provide the data-driven insights that help schools allocate and optimize finite resources. For example, utilization insights enable janitorial staff to focus efforts on spaces that were used on a given day.

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school workpoint sensor

Optimize space, optimize health

Many hospital campuses have grown large and complicated. Space utilization sensors help administrators better allocate space on large scales to achieve their mission of making and keeping patients healthy. For example, hospitals can reconfigure and reallocate their spaces to reduce viral risk and maximize the area dedicated to treating patients.

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workplace sensor for healthcare

Make informed real estate decisions

No more flying blind. Sensors enable your corporate real estate teams to make cost-saving and productivity-enhancing decisions by providing insights on how space is actually being used. For example, with the prevalence of hybrid work, our customers are seeing opportunities for down-sizing to save on real estate costs.

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workplace sensor in corporate office

Design spaces for healthy and happy residents

Senior care administrators face competing demands from residents and family members for healthy spaces with the right balance of shared vs. private areas. Sensors enable informed real estate decisions to maximize one of your most important and expensive assets while providing critical data on movement within the space to inform risk mitigation activities, such as disinfection.

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workpoint sensor in senior care facility
Indeed coworkr sensors testimonial

Hear what our customers say about R-Zero

When I installed the R-Zero Sensors in our Dublin office it couldn’t have gone smoother! Installing just under 50 sensors I was able to complete this in a matter of a few hours. Everything was meticulously labelled and separated to make the job as easy as possible. I would recommend a self install for any of our future projects as it worked like a charm!

Gary Gaughan,
Senior Workplace Strategist, Indeed