Gather occupancy and environmental data to power productivity and save costs, efficiently

Privacy-first sensors are the foundation of R-Zero’s workplace intelligence platform.

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A powerful sensor portfolio to optimize your building.


Multisensor platform to configure the right solution to suit your needs.

Easy installation

Deploy at 1/10th the cost of hard-wired competitors with battery-powered sensors that enable fast access to data and insights for your team.


Get real-time, accurate data on space use and air quality, while preserving privacy with advanced on-device AI technology.


One networking layer and one software interface across occupancy, air, disinfection, and energy.


Customized solutions for your unique space.

Three sensors, endless possibilities.


Sense human presence at a desk or in a room, ideal for where you need to determine if a space is in use.



  • PIR presence detection
  • Optional UV, temperature, and humidity detection
  • Up to 300 sqft coverage from a ceiling or furniture mount
  • Low-power bluetooth connection delivers 10-year battery life
  • Dimensions: 1.85" x 1.85"

Use cases

  • Determine utilization of all types of spaces in your buildings, rooms, desks, phone booths, and more.
  • Measure utilization of single-person resources, like desks and phone booths, for future real estate and furniture decisions.
  • Open up room and space availability by integrating real-time occupancy status to space-reservation systems.

WorkSpace Counter

Count people and signs of passive occupancy with thermal or RGB images processed on-device with AI.



  • People and passive occupancy counting with thermal or RGB AI detection
  • 225-300 sqft coverage
  • Ceiling mount
  • Low-power bluetooth connection delivers 5+ year battery life
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5"

Use cases

  • Compare demand for shared versus private spaces and optimize the mix of space types for employee satisfaction and successful return to office.
  • Maximize use of in-demand conference rooms by eliminating ghost meetings, single-occupancy, and passive occupancy.
  • Make real estate planning decisions across buildings, campuses, and portfolios efficiently with threshold counting to understand floor and building level utilization trends.
  • Control HVAC based on precise, real-time occupant count.

Air Quality Monitor

Advanced air and environmental quality monitor with enterprise security.



  • RESET accredited: temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.4, total VOC
  • Advanced measurements: PM 1.0 and 10, formaldehyde
  • Environmental monitoring: luminosity, noise, and pressure up to 1,000 sqft
  • Power: Wall or PoE
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth to hub

Use cases

  • Add comfort metrics to booking systems so employees can find spaces that meet their needs for light, noise, and temperature.
  • Measure air quality to optimize space for productivity and mitigate chemical exposure risk after build-outs and before occupancy.
  • Ensure dynamic HVAC controls never put comfort and airflow requirements at risk.

R-Zero sensors integrate with top workplace apps.

R-Zero’s APIs deliver data on demand for analysis or streaming to apps that enhance the workplace environment.



Receive processed occupancy and device health data for analysis purposes in your business intelligence application.

Stream API

Stream sub-second occupancy event data to your workplace experience, reservation, and BMS/BAS applications.

Workplace innovation starts here.

Unlock data across every space type to future-proof workplace optimization.



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