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Efficient, eco-friendly, dynamic UVC disinfection

R-Zero’s environmentally safe & non-toxic UVC technology uses ultraviolet light to disinfect - without chemicals, filters, wipes, & other forms of waste.

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R-Zero’s ecosystem drives dramatic reduction in energy costs, GHG emissions, and lessens the need for harsh chemicals. Find out just how much R-Zero disinfection can help you save money and be more sustainable - everyday.

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Energy cost savings
vs. HVAC

GHG emissions savings
vs. HVAC (tonnes CO2e)

Equivalent cars removed from the road

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per eACH

Chemical free,
climate friendly.

Arc significantly reduces your disinfection carbon footprint compared to electrostatic spraying & chemical-based solutions.

Surface disinfection

Carbon footprint

KG CO2 Equivalent* / 1,000 SQFT
R-Zero’s GHG footprint is on average 92% lower than the GHG footprint of competitors.
Arc’s CO2e emissions over the course of 10 years are equivalent to driving 11 miles in a passenger vehicle, or 1.1 miles per year.

More efficiency,
less costs.

Save on energy costs by dramatically increasing air disinfection efficiency.


Air disinfection

Carbon footprint

KG CO2 Equivalent* / 1,000 SQFT *Delivering additional air changes per hour via HVAC can be achieved by increasing ventilation, filtration, outdoor air exchange, and pre- and postoccupancy flushing.
Beam is 20x more sustainable than ventilation increases via HVAC.
As an air disinfection solution, Beam has a 51% lower carbon footprint than HVAC.

Less energy,
more disinfection.

Disinfecting a 5,000 cubic foot room with Beam yields 1 kg per year of landfill waste. This represents a 70% reduction relative to using portable HEPA filters.

Air disinfection



Beam emits 95% less greenhouse gases per eACH than HVAC. Beam energy consumption is equal to that of a computer.


R-Zero Beam averages 69% less waste than other air disinfection solutions.

Reduce risk,
shrink your footprint.

Intelligent disinfection reduces microorganisms and exposure to harmful chemicals. State-of-the-art occupancy sensors reduce a building’s energy footprint.


Occupancy sensors reduce GHG footprint with an average square footage reduction of 20%


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