Sustainability: Redefining Disinfection

R-Zero Carbon Footprint Chart

Chemical free, climate friendly.

Compared to chemical based manual disinfection or electrostatic spraying, Arc reduces your disinfection carbon footprint by 93 percent 1. Plain and simple.

1 To measure these comparisons, independent research firm Boundless Impact analyzed the materials used for each method of cleaning, as well as the safety measures put into place to alleviate harm. The GHG of chemical disinfection includes the impact of the chemical solution (active ingredient, water, and a complexing agent), the energy requirements, the GHG of the personal protective equipment needed to apply the chemical, and all other material involved such as the disinfectant container.

R-Zero Waste Footprint Chart

Less chemicals means less waste.

Chemical-disinfection yields environmental consequences, from increased emissions to ecological disruption. For example, consider disinfecting a 1,000 square foot room (an average classroom) over the course of a year. Manual disinfection would send almost 700 kg of waste to a landfill. With Arc, it’s less than 2 kg 2.

2 Disinfection with Arc is not a replacement for cleaning. Cleaning must happen before disinfection activity. In some cases, end-users may choose to still use chemicals to ensure high touch surfaces or hard to reach places are disinfected, this independently verified study examined Arc as an appropriate replacement for any chemical-based disinfection.

De-risking Disinfection

Disinfection without the hazard.

Chemical disinfection (using rags, wipes, or sprayers) has been the go-to choice for many organizations. But chemical exposure can damage the lungs, skin, and eyes. If used improperly, it’s been shown to be ineffective. Arc helps avoid respiratory and reproductive risks brought on by chemical-disinfection. In fact, when looking at hazard potential associated with chemical use and exposure, R-Zero’s disinfection method offers 15 times less risk than electrostatic spraying – and more than 200 times less risk when compared to manual, chemical-based disinfection 3.

3 A measure of the acute hazard level associated with each disinfectant chemical or technology includes harmful effects, like burning or irritation, that can result from one-time exposure to the disinfectants considered. The Acute Hazard Potential applies the average acute hazard score of the disinfectant to the risk of exposure of the disinfectant, while disinfecting a 1,000 sq. ft surface. Exposure considers the amount of substance and time of exposure. The Acute Hazard Score, developed by the Toxic Use Reduction Institute, rates from 1 to 10 the acute hazard level (e.g. irritation or burn potential) of different chemicals based on multiple sources of information (safety data sheets, legislation, etc.). This Acute Hazard Potential combines the Score with the concentration of the active ingredient and the time the person will be exposed to this chemical during the disinfection period.

R-Zero Acute Hazard Potential Chart

Democratizing Disinfection

R-Zero Arc in doctors office

A disinfection solution for everyone.

The most vulnerable are most in need of healthier, more protected spaces. Democratizing access to the best-in-class disinfection technology and protocols is fundamental to R-Zero’s mission. UV-C disinfection may have been invented for hospitals, but we innovated it for all. While we count professional sports teams and financial institutions among our customers, we’re proud to service schools in low-income areas and homeless shelters, too. We are intentional with our technology and business model to be a solution for everyone.

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More safety. Less budget.

Never before has a product like ours been as effective and accessible. In the past, only the biggest hospitals could afford technology this powerful. At R-Zero, we believe every organization should be able to access our best-in-class technology, from big corporations, to your favorite neighborhood restaurant. We kept small business owners in mind when we designed a pricing plan option of an all-inclusive monthly fee.

Data Collection Analytics Icon

See it. Manage it. Cut costs.

The true power of R-Zero is in its connected hardware. That means all R-Zero products share usage data in real time, providing an audit trail of all disinfection activities. It’s never been more important to ensure a space has been thoroughly disinfected – to protect employees, facilities managers and occupants alike. R-Zero technologies fight indoor health risks and give us unprecedented transparency, easily seen via a simple dashboard.

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HQ in an economic development zone.

Building more resilient communities is at the center of everything we do. That’s why, we were purposeful in selecting our location headquarters in a low/moderate income zone. We’re committed to ensuring an additive presence in the community, from providing job opportunities to direct community investment and beyond.

We’re helping create a safer and more sustainable future.