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Improve indoor environments with the industry's most effective Far UV-C device.

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Protect indoor spaces with 99%+ air and surface disinfection. With continuous Far UV-C, there's no need to rely solely on manual chemical disinfection anymore, which misses up to 50% of surfaces.


Vive disinfects continuously in occupied spaces with filtered Far UV-C light covering up to 200 square feet and reducing chemical costs.


Achieve your IAQ goals with 65% less energy costs and 85% fewer GHG emissions than HVAC. Upgrade from point-in-time to continuous surface disinfection while producing 99% less waste than chemical disinfection.

How does Vive work?

Using a human-safe wavelength of UV-C, Vive is perfect for occupied spaces where people interact at close proximity.
Unlike other UV-C wavelengths, 222 nm light has been shown to be proven safe to human skin and eyes, under certain thresholds. R-Zero designs, installs, and operates Vive to never exceed these conservative thresholds set by ACGIH.
Vive emits a veil of Far UV-C light (222 nm) disinfecting air and surfaces.
Vive rapidly and continuously disinfects 99.9% of target microorganisms.

One platform for healthy,
smart, and sustainable buildings


R-Zero Connect integrates data from all devices, extracts insights, and manages workflows.

Vive's presence detection and usage data are incorporated into the Connect platform to inform room-based environment risk scores. Data from sensors dictate post-occupancy flushing cycles for enhanced air and surface disinfection.

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R-Zero Arc has increased the community's confidence and peace of mind knowing that the highest standard of disinfection is being implemented in their schools.

Gary Tipsod
Superintendent, LeRoy CUSD

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Vive is intended to reduce microorganisms, pollutants, contaminants or pollen in the air and on non-medical device surfaces.
Vive is not intended to be used on medical device surfaces or for any health or medical-related purpose.

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