Preparing today’s buildings to meet tomorrow's challenges


Optimize spaces for efficiency, indoor health,
and sustainability using occupancy, indoor air quality,
and environmental data.

See how it works

Improve workflow, space, and energy efficiency.

Drive efficiencies

Learn where and how your workforce spends time to create more efficient workflows, such as cleaning based on occupancy, finding conference rooms, or streamlining patient discharges in healthcare settings.

Create healthy indoors

Model use to determine targeted cleaning protocols through occupancy, environmental, and IAQ data. Use 99.9%+ effective UV-C for reliable surface and air disinfection where spaces are densely occupied.

Save energy costs

Dynamically dim HVAC and lighting systems based on demand to protect comfort while reducing energy use up to 40%. Further achieve sustainability through reducing chemical cleaning waste.


Use occupancy intelligence to optimize space.

Make smart decisions that pay off immediately.

See utilization and peak usage by space type, floor, and building, and decide how to adapt space to boost productivity and save costs. Scale easily with battery-operated sensors that require no electrical, no maintenance, and you can move to study any space you want.


Real-time intelligence powers better decisions


See usage by type and optimize space planning based on demand.

Peak use

Sync occupancy with room availability to find the right space at the right time.

Space dimming

Use occupancy and IAQ to dim floors, reducing energy and emissions.

IAQ monitoring

Track IAQ risk, and modify HVAC or adjust space to protect occupants.

Create healthy indoors.

Model risk with occupancy, environmental, and IAQ data. UV-C products clean surfaces and air where risk is high.


Your workplace intelligence platform.

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Unlock savings for every workplace.

Share your space, instantly understand where you can save.

Use our ROI calculators to instantly get a report outlining how data intelligence combined with smart disinfection saves costs. Understand how you can save with productivity gains, decreased chemical costs, and by reducing energy use.

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Occupancy meets IAQ
Total workplace intelligence, at scale

Occupancy & Presence Sensors

The most accurate and versatile entryway sensor ever built.

See occupancy

Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Air and environmental quality in rooms and open areas



Choose occupancy sensors with thermal or camera-based imaging, configurable to your space to suit your needs.


Easy install

Deploy at 1/10th the cost of competitors with battery-powered sensors that enable fast access to data and insights for your team.



Get a real-time, accurate picture of spaces while maintaining privacy with state of the art on-device AI technology.

Workplace innovation starts here.

Unlock data across every space type to future proof workplace optimization.



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