Always-on surface & air disinfection in a sleek, canister light

Eon's compact format is endlessly deployable, disinfecting air and surfaces in a cone of up to 100 square feet. Multiple Eons work together to cover larger spaces.

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Engineered to autonomously disinfect
spaces in a sleek compact format

Packs a punch

Eon features one filtered Far UV bulb that lasts for over 10,000 hours. Eon disinfects air and surfaces effectively in 100 square feet, or use multiple Eons to cover larger spaces.

Installs easily

Weighing less than 3 lbs, Eon is easy to install in existing ceilings. Simply connect the 60W fixture to conventional 100-277V AC wiring, and it will immediately start disinfecting your indoor space.

Operates on its own

Eon automatically starts disinfecting as people gather, and shuts off after the space is treated to conserve energy. Eon is IoT enabled via BLE and WiFi for accurate and immediate disinfection reporting and adjustments.

Eon's disinfection insights power
our connected data platform


Eon is the perfect solution for smaller, enclosed high-risk areas with long dwell time. Eon operates in the background without noisy fans or production of any harmful byproducts. Eon is IoT enabled and reports usage and UV-C dosage to our connected data platform for disinfection reporting and adjustments.

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R-Zero Arc has increased the community's confidence and peace of mind knowing that the highest standard of disinfection is being implemented in their schools.

Gary Tipsod
Superintendent, LeRoy CUSD

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Eon is intended to reduce microorganisms, pollutants, contaminants or pollen in the air and on non-medical device surfaces.
Eon is not intended to be used on medical device surfaces or for any health or medical-related purpose.

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