Maximize the ROI of your entire real estate portfolio, as an owner and as a tenant

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Optimize space layouts for ultimate productivity

Understand space utilization

Learn how every space type — desks, phone booths, collaboration spaces, conference rooms and more — is used.

See portfolio-wide insights

Act on trends and recommendations at the floor, building, and portfolio levels.

Re-configure spaces quickly

Swap in and reconfigure new floor plans and move sensors easily to quickly optimize spaces based on usage .

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Get a real-time view of passive occupancy

Accurately detect passive occupancy

Privacy-first sensors, with on-device AI, accurately detect the objects infrared misses, such as backpacks and laptops.

Eliminate ghost bookings

Release unoccupied rooms back into the pool of available spaces, saving costs.

Improve user experience

Find and book spaces with confidence, knowing that occupancy is accurate.

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Be more efficient with precision threshold counting

Improve accuracy

Count people entering and exiting with a configurable field of view to accurately measure utilization.

Optimize operations

Accelerate decisions and adjust resources dynamically with accurate data, ensuring efficient use of space and energy.

Battery powered

Study new spaces easily with battery powered sensors that are easy to pick up and move.

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Help employees choose what’s comfortable

Offer choice

Integrate light, noise, and temperature levels with room bookings so employees can choose the perfect environment.

Improve comfort

Continuously monitor air quality and maintain ideal indoor environments, with precise, real-time air quality assessments.

Use energy efficiently

Use connected air quality sensors to adjust HVAC and lighting for efficient energy use while still maintaining comfort.

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Save time and money with smart cleaning

Prioritize where to clean

See which spaces on a floor need to be cleaned daily, and save costs by prioritizing the spaces that need cleaning most

Automate cleaning routines

Get a daily prioritized list of spaces for environmental services and custodial teams to clean using accurate data.

Validate cleaning

Connect occupancy, disinfection, and UV-C dosage data to validate what’s clean and comply with protocols.

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When I installed the R-Zero sensors in our Dublin office, it couldn’t have gone smoother! I was able to install just under 50 sensors in a matter of a few hours. Everything was meticulously labeled and separated to make the job as easy as possible.

Gary Gaughan
Senior Workplace Strategist, Indeed

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Arc is intended to reduce microorganisms, pollutants, contaminants or pollen in the air and on non-medical device surfaces.
Arc is not intended to be used on medical device surfaces or for any health or medical-related purpose.

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