Privacy-first Sensors for Occupancy Analytics

Meet the dynamic needs of business and your workforce with R-Zero Sensors. Giving you the integrated solutions to lead occupancy planning with data, right sizing your portfolio and using deep insights to drive impactful decisions.

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Real-time spacial intelligence for industry leaders

Versatile, real-time sensing to extract insights unique to your environments

R-zero custom-fit sensors provide a simple real-time solution for monitoring occupancy and utilization trends across all space types, from a single workspace or phone room to large conference rooms and gathering areas.

  • Extract up-to-the-minute granular occupancy data with high-resolution motion sensing, people counting and a low-power Mesh Network.
  • Zero in on live space usage and occupancy to areas as small as a single desk.
  • Ensure privacy and business integrity with camera-free thermal sensing.
  • Leverage machine learning for unparalleled accuracy and reporting.
  • Install for a fraction of the cost and time as competing solutions.

R-Zero WorkSpace Counter Sensor batteries have 80% lower carbon footprint and waste than competitors

Empower your organization with data-driven value

Make evidence-based real estate recommendations

Leverage historical workplace utilization data to drive cost-effective CRE decisions.

Reevaluate workplace experiences

Plug real-time data into third-party software to enhance room reservation and other on-site experiences.

Improve sustainability with in-depth usage metrics

Find out exactly how, why, and how frequent your spaces are being used to plan energy usage accordingly.

Streamline janitorial processes

Daily data powers intelligent cleaning reports by using actual workplace utilization to inform disinfection routines.

Explore custom-fit solutions for organizations of all kinds & sizes

A one-size-fits-all approach to collecting data may put holes and false positives in your findings. R-Zero sensors can be ceiling or desk mounted to meet the needs of your space.

rzero workspace counter sensor

WorkSpace Counter

Real-time overhead people counter

  • Birds-eye view
    Ceiling-mounted, this sensor uses infrared technology and AI to collect occupant data in real time.
  • Privacy-first
    Unlike cameras, infrared sensors rely on heat to gather information. Identities and surroundings are never recorded for ultimate security and confidentiality.
  • Discrete & battery-powered
    Only taking up a few inches, these sensors are easy to place, install, maintain and transport as needed. No hardwiring, simply a long-lasting 8yr lithium battery.

WorkPoint Sensors

Motion based insights for areas of interest

  • Laser-focused
    WorkPoint sensors are a simple, privacy-driven way to monitor smaller spaces, such as desks and phone rooms.
  • Data in 3D
    WorkPoint delivers real-time updates using the industry’s most advanced motion sensor and Mesh Network technology.
  • Small but mighty
    The most discrete sensor on the market, WorkPoint sensors can be installed virtually anywhere and use the same 8+ year battery life on a coin cell battery.
rzero workpoint sensor

R-Zero sensors integrate with top workplace apps

Get the most out of your preferred workplace applications with unmatched spatial data


R-Zero Sensor APIs do the hard work for you

Make on-demand or historical data-driven space-usage decisions with the tools you trust.


The standard API for pulling high resolution utilization data into one easy-to-manage location.


Raw data feeds are powered by Node.js and DDP to push occupancy sensor updates and provide real-time data for the integration of your choice.

Power employee experiences with real-time spatial intelligence

Seamlessly transform your workspace with up-to-the-minute insights.

Intelligent space booking

Ghost meetings comprise 20% of conference room utilization. R-Zero sensor technology integrates with partner apps to auto-cancel unfulfilled reservations.

Always-available occupancy status

Cutting-edge spatial intelligence feeds third-party applications with space availability data for real-time conference room, workstation, and lounge booking.

Sensor App Walkthru


Cost of vacancies identified in the last 2 years


Average percentage of daily vacancies identified per portfolio.


Days of data collected across more than 400 workplaces.

Innovative sensing technology backed by the robust R-Zero ecosystem

The future of buildings is healthy and connected. Benchmark and drive your healthy building strategy with a holistic data-driven approach.

Efficient disinfection on your terms

Monitor occupant traffic to adjust janitorial needs and budget accordingly.

Meet the demands of a hybrid workforce

Some days and spaces are more active than others. Know exactly where to delegate facilities and maintenance resources.


Launch your healthy building strategy with ease

Easily quantify and mitigate exposure risk. Leverage R-Zero clinical-grade UVC disinfection to restore a healthy sense of confidence.

Connect the dots

Sensors UI provides complete real-time visibility into all your connected sensors and UVC devices with a single, easy-to-navigate UI complete with compliance reporting.

Inspire success with healthy, confident spaces.

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