R-Zero’s Short-Term Sensor Lease Program Enables Businesses to Right-Size Real Estate Portfolios with Speed

– R-Zero is one of the only building intelligence solutions on the market to offer short-term leasing rates for its workplace occupancy sensors.
– With a 3-month sensor lease, organizations in need of immediate space utilization insights can quickly deploy battery-powered sensors and take strategic action.
– Sensors provide a more accurate alternative to manual observation studies; with sensors, organizations can continuously collect data to reveal patterns in peak utilization, space types that support productivity, and opportunities to reduce the building’s energy use.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 24, 2024 — R-Zero, a leader in building intelligence solutions, today announced a short-term sensor lease offering designed for organizations interested in right-sizing their real estate portfolios and achieving the right mix of space types through a fast and easy-to-deploy solution.

According to CBRE’s Global Workplace and Occupancy Insights Report, most organizations are prioritizing portfolio optimization, with 43% planning to decrease portfolio size by more than 30% in the next three years. As a result, real estate leaders have been tasked with incorporating data analysis into their space operations strategy. Easy-to-deploy solutions help organizations invest in the most effective mix of space types and operationalize the workplace according to behavioral patterns. Sensor data can impact a wide range of decisions that drive greater efficiency in office spaces, from furniture and technology selection to right-sizing space configuration for streamlined employee workflows. Alternatively, occupancy detection can drive energy savings through better use of HVAC and lighting in underutilized spaces.

“Collecting utilization data is a necessary first step for real estate leaders to progress against the 3-30-300 rule of workplace investment. In benchmarking occupant behavior and space demand, organizations can immediately take action on their data to support the evolving needs of employees and the spaces they need to do their best work,” said Elizabeth Redmond, director of building intelligence sales, at R-Zero. “Often, we see workplace and real estate teams using sensors to test and measure the impact of changing space types across departments, reducing office space square footage, or automating lighting based on occupancy. With a quick-to-deploy sensor platform, they can easily repeat these cost effective studies across their entire real estate portfolio.”

R-Zero’s battery-powered and wireless people-counting sensors are designed for accuracy, flexibility, and anonymity. Two hundred sensors, for example, can be quickly installed within a few hours, enabling users to start collecting high-resolution space utilization data shortly after.

About R-Zero
R-Zero is a building intelligence platform that delivers real-time insights to optimize indoor spaces and buildings to improve workforce productivity, right-size real estate portfolios, and create operational efficiencies, including reducing energy costs. R-Zero’s full suite of autonomous solutions help building owners measure, mitigate, and exact control in a way that’s instantly accessible, easy to use, and scalable across every kind of space. R-Zero supports health systems, commercial real estate, cities, public services, and educational systems in preparing today’s buildings to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Learn more at .

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