Smart cleaning using occupancy sensors in hospitals

What is Smart Cleaning & How Can it Benefit My Healthcare Facility?

Did you miss our recent webinar on how smart cleaning can help optimize healthcare facilities for people, energy, and sustainability?

During the webinar, our healthcare experts covered insights and case studies exploring how data-driven strategies are enhancing hospital cleaning protocols, resulting in optimized EVS staff productivity, faster patient room turnaround, and more effective cleaning of high-traffic and non-clinical spaces.

Below is a roundup of the key points they covered in the webinar, or you can watch the full video here

What is smart cleaning?

Smart cleaning is the act of using real-time occupancy data (collected via people-counting sensors) to inform and determine which areas of a healthcare facility should be prioritized for cleaning, with the goal of using data insights that enhance facility cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. The benefits of adopting smart cleaning practices are manifold, including improved risk management, reduced cleaning times, enhanced patient outcomes, and better resource management. 

What is the value of smart cleaning?

Data-driven cleaning strategies and predictive analytics are becoming increasingly important in maintaining the rigorous cleanliness standards of healthcare environments in a time of evolving budgets. Using real-time data to identify high-traffic areas, and adjust cleaning schedules accordingly, can save EVS teams several hours of unnecessary cleaning in a day. Additionally, data insights enable the efficient allocation of cleaning resources, maximizing productivity and ensuring that efforts are focused where they are most needed.

How can I optimize my smart cleaning strategy with UV-C?

In addition to data-driven cleaning, other innovative technologies that are transforming hospital cleaning include UV-C disinfection technologies, like R-Zero’s mobile disinfection tower, Arc, that uses ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.9% of target bacteria and viruses. A mobile and autonomous UV-C device like Arc allows for easy navigation across hospital environments, ensuring thorough and consistent air and surface cleaning in a matter of minutes. Coupled with an occupancy-based smart cleaning routine, healthcare facilities can layer on even more time and energy savings. 

Start planning for energy-efficient outcomes with R-Zero

At R-Zero, our goal is to create healthier and more responsive healthcare facilities by using intelligent solutions that optimize spaces for the benefit of people, energy, and sustainability. For a complete assessment of how our solutions can help you drive reductions in time savings and energy costs, check out our building intelligence solutions for the healthcare sector.

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