An ARC UV-C disinfection system standing in the middle of an empty office and professional workplace.

How CANOPY is Creating a Healthy Return to Its Coworking Communities

Before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, San Francisco was arguably the coworking capital of the U.S. In 2018, the city had more coworking spaces per capita than any other major city in the country. In San Francisco’s ecosystem of tech startups, entrepreneurs and creatives, coworking spaces have in recent years served as a preferred collaborative and connected workplace for so many Bay Area residents.

Will the desire for flexible, communal workspaces continue in a post-pandemic era? We believe so. CANOPY, a network of shared workspaces San Francisco, is already providing members with better spaces to collaborate – thanks to R-Zero’s Arc.

As organizations across the country consider what their own “return to the office” will look like, CANOPY co-founder and president, Steve Mohebi, continues to see flex work space as the “office of the future,” with many employees balancing work from home and part-time office use.

Across CANOPY’s three (and counting), dynamic coworking communities in San Francisco, Arc is a key part of routine health and safety protocols. Arc is used throughout all offices, conference rooms and communal spaces daily – instilling peace of mind for the community of thinkers, creators, builders and innovators that call CANOPY their “office”.

Check out the below video to hear from CANOPY Community Manager, Simran Mangat, on how their team is creating a higher standard for health and safety for their community members.

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