Celebrating Earth Day, Today and Everyday

We are proud to celebrate Earth Day, today and everyday, in our mission of preparing today’s buildings to meet tomorrow’s challenges. 

Historically, achieving a balance between building user comfort and experience resulted in increased energy consumption and cost, presenting a significant trade-off for building owners and operators aiming for efficiency and sustainability.

R-Zero solutions remove this trade-off, allowing harmonization across the needs of human well-being, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship. 

We root our solutions in the belief that buildings should be more than just functional spaces. They should also be sustainable and responsive environments that foster comfort, performance, efficiency, and a reduced ecological footprint.

R-Zero’s Building Intelligence Solutions Improve Spaces for Efficiencies, Energy, and People.

“The secret to success for building owners or operators that want to implement energy-efficient practices in their buildings now, is not expensive retrofits. It’s investing in software solutions that provide an actionable and holistic understanding of how a building system performs in real-time, and over time, across various quantitative and qualitative measures. With access to this layer of data visibility, building owners and operators can inform more intelligent decision making across space planning, portfolio management, systems and equipment performance, operational workflows, and building maintenance; which in turn can drive significant energy savings.”

Jennifer Nuckles, CEO and Chairperson of R-Zero

Drive Efficiencies Across Buildings & Spaces

Learn where and how your workforce spends time to rightsize real estate footprints, streamline operations, improve the efficiency of your team’s workflows, and optimize when and how your spaces are used. 

Save Energy Costs

Dynamically adjust HVAC and lighting systems based on demand to protect comfort and occupant performance while reducing energy use up to 40%.

Over the last four years, many organizations turned up their HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality and mitigate indoor contaminants. Unfortunately, HVAC systems account for 30% of U.S. commercial emissions. Turning them up adds a significant carbon burden to our planet.

Ensure Healthy & Comfortable Indoors

Gain a complete understanding of indoor health, monitoring how spaces are used. Measure and exact control over indoor air quality and indoor environmental conditions to create optimal environments that enhance performance and mitigate risk.

Try Our Sustainability Calculator

R-Zero’s ecosystem drives a dramatic reduction in energy costs, and GHG emissions. Find out just how much R-Zero building intelligence solutions can help you save money and be more sustainable through our online sustainability calculator.

Learn How Building Intelligence Can Drive Efficiencies for You 

From optimizing how current space is used, to understanding indoor air quality, to managing energy use, and future real estate decisions, R-Zero’s solutions are solving for efficiencies across a broad range of use cases and industries. For a complete assessment of the efficiencies you can benefit from that are both good for business and our planet, contact us today.

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