Hospital-grade surface and air disinfection through the proven power of UV-C

Arc Product Overview

The first germicidal UV system designed for dynamic environments, Arc destroys harmful pathogens – including human coronavirus, influenza, norovirus and E. coli – in less than 7 minutes.

Benefits include:

Highly Effective

Hospital-grade UV-C power, proven to destroy surface and airborne pathogens in a 1,000 ft.2 room in just 7 minutes.

Safer than chemicals

Environmentally-friendly UV-C reduces chemical consumption and exposure, and is safe to use around food surfaces, electronics, furniture and more.

Cost effective

UV-C disinfection eliminates the need for costly chemical refills, PPE and dedicated operators.

Enhances visibility

IoT connectivity shares usage data in real time, providing an audit trail of all disinfection activities.

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The science that makes everyday spaces safer.

Arc is engineered to deliver the best performance on the market. That means shorter cycles, higher efficacy, and safer spaces than competitors. Efficacy testing shows that Arc can destroy over 99.99% of the most common and harmful pathogens in just 7 minutes.

Efficacy Testing Results:

  • Feline Calicivirus


  • Escherichia Coli (E. coli)


  • MRSA


  • Human Coronavirus


Disinfection, designed for all.

Arc is deadly for pathogens, but friendly for our planet. No harmful chemicals, just the safe, proven power of UV-C light.

Minimal day-to-day disruption.

Unlike electrostatic spraying and manual disinfection methods, Arc is highly labor-efficient and designed to work within existing workflows. Less than two minutes of touch time per cycle means teams maintain productivity.

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Safety first. Employees first.

No harmful chemicals. No expensive PPE. Redundant safety mechanisms built-in to minimize risk, and ensure zero exposure.

  • 30-second pre-cycle countdown, paired with a pulsing light halo at the top of the device – providing a visual warning a cycle is about to start.
  • Four long-range 360° PIR sensors detect motion and heat – automatically shutting Arc down as a safety precaution.

Visibility into the Disinfection process.

BLE and LTE-M connectivity shares usage data in real-time, providing visibility into the previously invisible disinfection process. Manage usage and compliance in the R-Zero Dashboard, and make protocols more efficient and effective over time.

Moves with ease. Built to last.

Dual ergonomic handles and a low center of gravity make Arc a breeze to move between rooms, while large locking casters prevent tipping. Made from solid steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, Arc is designed to withstand whatever your day can throw at it.

Naturally simple. Incredibly intuitive.

Here’s how Arc works:

  • Roll it into a room
  • Position and plug it in
  • Set the timer
  • Press start
  • Exit the room
  • Return to a clinically clean room

It works anywhere you work.

Disinfect almost any space, any size, in as little as 7 minutes. Arc’s powerful light array delivers intense, even light for 360-degree coverage to clinically disinfect dynamic spaces.


- 01


  • Made in the USA
  • 78″ high for floor to ceiling coverage
  • 24″ base with 4 legs for maximum stability
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Four 3″ multi-directional locking casters for effortless movement
  • LED status light to communicate state of operation
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Two ergonomic handles for easy movement
  • Integrated OLED interface for simple operation
  • Arctic White, antimicrobial, UV-C resistant paint
- 02

Lighting Array

  • Eight maximum output UV-C lamps
  • Up to 16,000 hrs. lamp life
  • Eight aluminum parabolic reflectors for intense, uniform 360° coverage
  • Proprietary reflector coating for maximum reflectivity
- 03


  • 12 ft. power cord with standard 3 prong grounded plug
  • 1420 W total power consumption
  • 120V AC
  • 12A
- 04


  • Web-based user portal
  • Real-time status tracking
  • Location based cleaning validation
  • Usage and compliance analytics
  • Lamp life and cycle counter
- 05


  • 4 PIR sensors for intrusion detection and auto-off
  • Built-in delay start timer
  • LED siren to signal when a cycle is about to start
  • Non-ozone producing lamps
  • Bilingual warning signs for outside room
- 06


  • High touch on-boarding and implementation training
  • Dedicated customer service representatives
  • Full warranty for duration of lease

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Our offerings include:

  • R-Zero badge to display proudly in your space
  • Unlimited usage of the R-Zero Arc
  • Access to R-Zero cloud portal for tracking usage and compliance
  • Library of communications templates to help tell your customers and employees your space employs hospital-grade disinfection
  • Full warranty for duration of term
  • 8 bulbs
  • One full set of replacement bulbs per year (8)
  • Custom, vertical-specific protocols
  • Full time, dedicated support

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