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UV Disinfection System for Hospitality

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R-Zero's hospital-grade UV system, Arc, provides a critical layer of added protection to every space on property - including guest rooms, lobbies, spas, fitness centers, meetings spaces and more.

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought about the most challenging year the travel industry has ever faced.

Hotels, having long served as cultural hubs of their communities and havens for travelers, are now fighting to keep their doors open. Hotel operators must find proven and effective ways to safeguard the health of both employees and guests, while also inspiring consumer confidence.

Key Insight

Implementing UV disinfection is the #1 measure hotels can take to make travelers more comfortable booking a trip.

Hospitality and COVID-19: How long until ‘no vacancy’ for US hotels? (McKinsey & Company, June 2020)

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Differentiated Disinfection to Drive Occupancy

R-Zero’s hospital-grade UV-C disinfection device, Arc, is an ideal solution for hotels and resorts of all sizes to not only prioritize the health and safety of employees and guests, but also increase trust. Arc is proven to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in the average guest room in under 5 minutes.

Fitting seamlessly into existing operations, each UV-C cycle requires less than two minutes of touch time. This allows housekeeping teams to maintain optimum levels of productivity - running a UV cycle in one room, while moving on to the next.

With Arc, you can:

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Save 20-30% of time needed to disinfect compared with alternative methods
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Reduce harmful chemical consumption and degradation as UV-C is just light, safe to use around food, furniture and upholstery
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Signal your property’s commitment to the highest standard of health for both employees and guests

Discover a higher level of health and safety for hotels

Highlight your commitment to health and safety

It’s no longer enough to simply create a safer environment. You have to communicate the measures being taken to create a safer guest experience.

The R-Zero Badge is a symbol of trust and safety, signaling your property’s commitment to the highest standard of health for both employees and guests. In addition to badging, R-Zero provides marketing support and assets, making it easy to communicate that your property uses hospital-grade UV-C.

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Arc can be used in a variety of spaces on property:

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