Healthy air that's affordable

Act now and get Arc, our hospital-grade mobile UV-C tower, for $4 a day, a 90% savings over other UV-C towers in market.

Improve indoor health with the industry's most cost-effective mobile UV-C tower.


Arc emits clinical-grade UVC reducing risk by 99.99% in 5-7 minutes depending on the size of the room.

Easy to use

Arc is a sleek, design award winner, that’s light and easy to move, with a digital display that’s simple to operate.


Perfect for larger areas requiring frequent disinfection, Arc is easily transportable to any space or room type.


Arc turns on with a timer and intelligent sensors shut the Arc off instantly in the event people are detected.


What customers say

"Our staff sees it as an added layer of protection. It kills bacteria that we can't, it gets in crevices that we can not, and it will help patients avoid exposure to surface viruses which is critical to our mission."

Becky Burt
Facilities Director, Eureka Springs Hospita