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Group cheering at sporting event

R-Zero's hospital-grade UV system, Arc, provides a critical layer of added protection to key areas in arenas and venues: luxury suites, press boxes, dressing rooms, green rooms, locker rooms, first aid stations, bathrooms, training facilities, and more.

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It's time for a new, higher standard for health and safety.

Just as 9/11 prompted new protocols and enhanced security requirements, the COVID-19 era is ushering in new standards for safety across the sports and entertainment industries. Professional sports organizations are charged with keeping players and personnel healthy, while venue owners and operators must create spaces performers and fans feel confident returning to.

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In the NFL, money driven by in-stadium attendance accounts for about 30 percent of league-wide revenue—somewhere in the range of $4 billion to $5 billion annually.

USA Today, June 2020

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Hospital-Grade Disinfection for Sports and Entertainment Venues

Proven to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens in minutes, R-Zero’s affordable, hospital-grade UV-C disinfection device, Arc is an ideal solution for teams and venue owners to prioritize the health and safety of the industry:

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Players and Performers - Protect your most valuable assets
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Staff and Personnel - Keep employees safe and operations running smoothly
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Sponsors and Suite Owners - Prioritize your high value customers as they return to your facilities
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Fans - Safeguard your spectators and their experience

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Highlight your commitment to health and safety

Whether seeking to attract top-tier entertainment or build trust and confidence among suite owners and fans, the R-Zero Badge is a visible symbol signaling your commitment to the highest standard of health and safety. In addition to badging, R-Zero provides a suite of PR and marketing assets, making it easy to communicate internally and externally that your facility uses hospital-grade UV-C.

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