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Improving Building Sustainability with Leading-edge Technology

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Elevating Efficiency + Exceeding Sustainability Goals

With the costs of building construction, maintenance and management continuing to rise, and sustainability and ESG goals at the forefront, it is more important than ever to deploy healthy building solutions that target both efficiency and energy savings - without sacrificing occupant health and comfort.

But how do you get started?

Watch leading sustainability experts from Ivanhoé Cambridge and HarborResearch in a live panel covering how healthy building technology can reduce building costs, improve sustainability, and heighten efficiency.

This moderated discussion is followed by a robust Q&A, ensuring every attendee—from executives and building owners to facility leaders and administrators—receives the information needed to jumpstart a sustainable building strategy.

Topics covered include:

  • The challenges of balancing cost, sustainability, and occupant satisfaction
  • Opportunities to use technology in new ways to enable sustainability goals
  • How sustainability and healthy buildings support each other
  • Increasing occupant satisfaction through innovative solutions

Don’t miss out on this educational and solution-driven discussion.

Our Panelists


Jonathan H. Pearce
Executive Vice President Leasing & Development, Ivanhoé Cambridge

As part of the Investment & Innovation global hub, Jonathan Pearce counsels Ivanhoé Cambridge regional teams on all leasing and development activities to ensure alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.


Rob Simpson
Senior Director, Sustainable Investment & Head of Climate Change Strategy, Ivanhoé Cambridge

Rob Simpson is responsible for global programs that are focused on carbon reduction, energy efficiency and renewables, ESG-related proptech, and climate change risk/impact.


Daniel Intolubbe-chmil
Consultant, HarborResearch

As Senior Consultant at HarborResearch, Daniel Intolubbe-Chmil supports the design and execution of research practices and client engagements, successfully leading multiple teams in the development of growth strategy insights, content and reports.

Our Moderator


Shelton Cochran
Business Development, R-Zero

Shelton Cochran leads and supports a variety of corporate and business development initiatives at R-Zero, including developing and executing the company’s strategy around energy and sustainability and partnerships at the nexus of healthy buildings and green buildings.

As a long-term investor, we are already fully committed to carbon neutrality. In 2017, we implemented a proactive policy to reduce our carbon intensity and we formalized it in 2021 with the ambition of achieving operational carbon neutrality for our entire global portfolio by 2040.

- Rob Simpson, Ivanhoe Cambridge

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