Improving School Health:
A Real-World Study from a Top 5 District

Healthier Spaces Start Here

Create Safer Indoor Learning Environments that Support Student Performance

With ongoing reports of absences and even closures due to flu, COVID, and norovirus, what are proactive measures school leaders should take to prepare for the next seasonal outbreak -- and the next?

To mitigate future health risks and boost academic outcomes, school leaders are eyeing healthy building technologies like Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UR-UVGI) as a long-term solution.

Watch the replay of R-Zero’s Director of Clinical Studies as she presents the largest real-world study of its kind on UR-UVGI. Leading experts from Harvard Medical School and University of Nevada, Las Vegas conducted a controlled trial in one of the top 5 largest U.S. school districts and found that using UR-UVGI in schools reduced SARS-CoV-2 levels by 53% compared to non-treated schools.

Using the school district study as a lens, Dr. Koutras partners with Account Manager Olivia Cvitanic to detail how UR-UVGI can simultaneously reduce energy costs, improve sustainability, and create healthy environments for your community to thrive.

The brief presentation is followed by a robust Q&A, ensuring every attendee receives the information needed to jumpstart their healthy building strategy.

Topics covered include:

  • Why healthy indoor environments are no longer a nice to have, but a must
  • How to achieve ASHRAE recommended air quality levels at 8x less cost
  • Real-world outcomes from one school district’s proactive strategy
  • Answers to your most pressing questions

Don’t miss out on this educational and solution-driven discussion.

Our Panelists


Dr. Carolina Koutras | Director of Clinical Studies, R-Zero

As R-Zero’s Director of Clinical Studies, Dr. Koutras combines her extensive background in research and innovation with the implementation of science-backed strategies that enable safer indoor environments.

Olivia Cvitanic

Olivia Cvitanic | Account Manager, R-Zero

Olivia leads and supports a variety of initiatives at R-Zero to address a growing health crisis: disinfecting the indoor air we breathe.

"Keeping students and staff safe in our schools is of the utmost importance to us. Having the ability to do so efficiently, without a negative impact on people or the planet, is a true win-win for our district and community."

- Dr. John Keeler,
Superintendent, Buckingham County Public Schools

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