From Our Founders: R-Zero Announces $15M in Series A Funding

What it means to be a Double Bottom Line Company, and why that matters to us.

We are thrilled to announce that R-Zero has closed $15M in Series A funding led by DBL Partners (Ira Ehrenpreis), with participation from a number of other world-class investors including Bedrock Capital (Geoff Lewis) and HAX / SOSV (Duncan Turner). We started R-Zero to help our customers solve the problems of Trust and Safety, and this new capital allows us to help more organizations like schools, hotels, commercial offices, restaurants, doctors and dentists, athletic facilities, and more reopen safely, and protect what matters most.

We are also incredibly excited to welcome Ira Ehrenpreis, Founder and Managing Partner of DBL, to our board of directors. Ira is a pioneer of Impact Investing and a leader in the venture capital industry. We are building R-Zero for the long run, and we are lucky to have a director as dedicated, accomplished, and passionate about R-Zero’s vision building alongside us and making us better every day.

Working with investors who share our values is important to us. We fundamentally believe that being good stewards, citizens, and leaders within the communities we serve and society more broadly, is a requisite to building the company and the culture we aspire to. Becoming a part of the DBL Family means more than just being a portfolio company of a world-class venture capital firm. DBL invests in companies that can not only deliver top tier venture capital returns (first Bottom Line), but also enable social, environmental, and economic improvement in the regions that they operate (second Bottom Line). Aligning ourselves with a principled, mission-oriented, and successful firm like DBL enables us to maximize the positive social impact we can have.

Pathogens have evolved, but the tools we use to combat them have not. The need for new tools, and a new standard has never been more urgent and apparent. We see an opportunity to modernize the infection prevention industry by building upon proven science and applying intelligent hardware, easy to use software, and data science to produce better outcomes for our customers and the people they serve.  

It’s time for a new standard. One where we can trust that the physical environments that we spend our time in are safe for all, and one where sick days are a relic of the past. Our mission at R-Zero is to make this new standard a reality.


Ben, Grant, and Eli

Read the full press release here.

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